Winter: Is It Over Yet?


AMARULA: I have a brilliant plan to beat winter this year….


AMARULA: I am going to close my eyes and when I open them all these leaves are going to be gone and winter will have moved on!


AMARULA: Nooooooooooo! It didn’t work! How dare you disobey me Mother Nature!!!



Despite the fact that winter appears to have me beat, I did my regular Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. Why Cats are Better Than Dogs and Should be Human’s Overloards_should be taught in schools.
  2.  The last item I donated was … an especially nicely shaped piece of poo. I didn’t even charge for it! I’m not sure why, but my human minion loves to collect them!
  3. My (personal) song is Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent because I so love the idea that a tiny scratch from my little ole claw could make a human sick…such power!
  4. Three things I am thankful for this week are: my good looks, a clean litter box, and my good looks (I really am just that beautiful).


Man Crush Monday: A Tail of Love


AMARULA: As you may remember, on one of my neighborhood walks, I recently met the dreamy man cat Charlie. Well all this cold weather and thoughts of imminent winter made my blood ran cold so I figured a visit with Charlie would warm me up!


AMARULA: I was so happy when I saw him my tail went straight up into the air!


AMARULA: Meow! I have such a crush on my man cat!


AMARULA: We spend the rest of the day hanging out! I love Man Crush Mondays!

And I am doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

Winter is Coming: Run!


AMARULA: Zzzzzz….snore….snore….zzzzz..


AMARULA: What the heck!! I have a little snooze and I wake up to find that the trees are crying and I’m surrounded by all their colorful tears!


AMARULA: It all seems familiar somehow…something at the back of my mind….something unpleasant….


AMARULA: Wait a minute….I know what these leaves mean….Oh God!… It can’t be back already?!… Can it?!…it can’t be true…


AMARULA: WINTER IS COMING! Run for the hills! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Before Amarula freaked out, she did her regular Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

ZULU: Oh Goody! I want to do the Fill-ins this week…Peace is …well the question of peace was perhaps best analyzed by the great Germany philosopher Emmanuel Kant who said….

AMARULA: Shut up Zulu! No one wants to hear your inane prattle…..Here are my insightful answers!

  1. Peace is overrated otherwise, I ask you, why would we felines have claws?.
    2. I need to take care of that mouse that comes every fall to live in the kitchen under the oven, but I keep procrastinating cause I love it when it scares the heck out of the human! Hee hee
    3. A friend is any cat that righly recognizes he or she should both fear and worship me!
  2. I want to try to learn to use a can opener so I don’t have to rely on the human for wet food!





Happy Halloween From the Trick or Treating Trio!




FRODO: I love Halloween!! I love costume changes and visitors so Halloween is one of my favorite times of year! Happy Halloween everyone!


ZULU: Well, though I love having my photo taken and wearing clothing of distinction, I certainly do not like polyester, and neon green is definitely not my color! But, all in all, I guess Halloween is OK! Happy Halloween!


AMARULA: Halloween? I’m against it. But I do love Halloween slideshows and artistic pumpkins! So Frodo, Zulu and I want to thank once again Nellie —for the great pumpkin–and Peaches and Paprika for the amazing slideshow!!


Happy Halloween! And we are doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop: It’s Amarula’s Turn!

Sunday Selfie Blog Hiop cat cute
Sunday Selfies!

AMARULA: Sundays? I’m against them.

Selfies? Ditto!

Ties? I think you know where this is going…

But I can’t have those nincompoops Frodo and Zulu wearing ties and getting all the attention at the Sunday Selfie blog hop hosted by the Cat on My Head without doing something about it! I am clearly the brains and looks behind this operation! Now, all you cats out there, stop reading this blog and go sharpen your canines and claws! We got a bunch of sugar-addicted trick or treaters to terrorize tomorrow night! Felines unite and aim for the ankles! Mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha

I’m joining Sunday Selfie blog hop hosted by the Cat on My Head!








Frodo Gets Animated for National Cat Day!


FRODO: Oh Heavens! Oh My! I can’t believe it! Not only is it National Cat Day today but it’s also Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop! I’m showing you my cartoonist side (get it??) cause Mom says I’m such a funny character! I just can’t believe cats get their own national cat day!? Do we get prizes? Will there be extra tuna…surely we get extra tuna?!! What time is the awards ceremony?! What will I wear!?

AMARULA: Actually Frodo, sadly, National Cat Day is only celebrated in the USA and as we are Canadian cats we don’t celebrate it…

FRODO: What?? So no extra tuna….no red carpet….

AMARULA: NO sorry…in fact…today in Canada it’s Seafood-free Saturday! So not only will there not be any extra tuna …there won’t be any tuna at all!!

FRODO: Noooooooooooooooooo!

ZULU: Why do you listen to Amarula!!?? Haven’t you learned by now not to trust her! Canada celebrates National Cat Day too!! And I know mom has some extra tuna treats planned for today!

FRODO: Yipee!! Why are you looking so artsy too Zulu?!


ZULU: Cause mom said in honor of National Cat Day we all get to go artsy!!


AMARULA: All right, all right, in the spirit of National Cat Day, I too will show off my artsy side!

ZULU, FRODO and AMARULA: Happy National Cat Day everyone! Join the blog hop!



War and Peace: a Backyard Battleground




ZULU: Don’t you think this is childish Amarula? Why can’t we just hang out close to one another in the backyard without any fur flying.

AMARULA: As I recall, aren’t you the fighter in the family? Weren’t you the one who started a fight with Frodo a few weeks ago?

ZULU: That was for something of vital importance! Supremacy of the catnip patch! But normally I’m a lover not a fighter!


AMARULA: When I open my eyes you better be at least a full three-cat lengths away from me Zulu. I mean it…


ZULU: Surprise!! Come on let’s play! Let’s put the PEACE back in War and Peace! Come on, pet my tummy!!


AMARULA: I am not amused! You can’t say I didn’t warn you. Prepare for the claws of catastrophe…

ZULU: Oh please! The only catastrophe here is your breath!


AMARULA: Kaboom!

ZULU: Hey!



ZULU: Ok Ok!


ZULU: OK I will stay over here! You are so immature!


AMARULA: The claws of death have yet to let me down! Now to my Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

ZULU: When do I get to do the fill ins!?


AMARULA: Talk to the paw, Zulu! Talk to the paw… Here are my Fill Ins!

  1. The first thing I check when I go online is _Whether or not Amazon is having a sale on catnip. I also Google to see if a new remake of that dog movie “Old Yeller” is coming out. I love a good comedy!
  2. My signature dish is: Hairball with a side of drool___________________.
  3. My Halloween night is usually spent: Frightening trick or treaters with the sounds of my forlorn caterwauling as I sing sadly about the death of summer.
  4. Trick or treaters : Have tasty ankles! I love trying to chop them when they come to the door! Yummy!