Frodo Spreads it On Thick

FRODO: Why aren’t I snuggled up in my cat pod? Sometimes the best way to enjoy a heating vent is with your whole body!

FRODO: Ah yeah! That hits the spot!

FRODO: Now how long do I have to keep looking cute until someone comes to pet my belly?

We also want to note that it’s with great sadness that we learned that Toby joined Leia at the rainbow bridge just three weeks apart- a terrible tragedy for The Whiskeratti. Pls visit the site to convey condolences if you wish. The Whiskeratti

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Frodo and Amarula Play Hide and Seek (Sorta)

AMARULA: This is wonderful! Finally some piece and quiet…oh no…

FRODO: Amarula! It’s me your bestie Frodo! Why are you in that box? Do you wanna play hide and seek?

AMARULA: I’m more into the hide than the seek Frodo! Now go away!

FRODO: Isn’t that funny Amarula. It almost sounded like you said “go away” but I know you must have said “come and play!” I found you Amarula, now you have to come out of the box and find me when I hide.

FRODO: Amarula? What’s going on in there? Have you fallen asleep? Come out and play!

FRODO: Boy! It’s almost like she’s trying to ignore me!

FRODO: Mom can you explain the rules of hide and seek to Amarula? I don’t think she understands how to play!

FRODO: Maybe if I just give her a little tap on the bum, she’ll get the message that it’s play time!

FRODO: Maybe I’ll just get in the box with her! What fun!

AMARULA: Jeesh! Alright! You go and hide and count to a million and I will come and look for you (idiot, ha ha!)

FRODO: Yipee!! I’m off to hide!

FRODO: Hey Amarula, what comes after the number 1?

AMARULA: OH Brother!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!


Amarula Weights In

AMARULA: You don’t think I put on too much weight over the holidays do you?

AMARULA: Take a closer look. You can be honest. Don’t let the fact that I haven’t had my claws trimmed for two months deter you from an honest answer…

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

Santa Paws Has Arrived

FRODO: It’s here it’s here! Our Santa Paws Secret Santa gift arrived all the way from Australia from the wonderful Pawesome cats!

FRODO: Enough photos! Can we open these?

FRODO: WOW! Can’t wait to watch the video and that tuna looks delicious!

AMARULA: I claim everything!!

ZULU: Get away Frodo that tuna is mine!!

AMARULA: Enough already! No more photos! Give me tuna!

Frodo and Amarula ate the tuna immediately! But where’s Zulu?!

ZULU: What kind of cat do you think I am! Even for tuna I won’t eat on the floor! Bring my dish to the table so I can eat like a civilized feline!

ZULU: Yum!!

FRODO: I especially loved the movie just for cats!!

FRODO: I just don’t get why these creatures in the movie don’t understand that it’s OK to come out of the TV and play with me in person!!

Thanks so much Pawesome cats!!! We loved EVERYTHING!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!