It’s the Best Time of The Year

It’s catio time!

Interestingly, Frodo is the kitty who uses the catio the most. Zulu only uses it in the morning when he goes all the way to the bottom to eat grass and then throws it up right before breakfast (thanks Zulu!) otherwise he doesn’t use it very much. Amarula only uses it when I am traveling (the cat sitter keeps the catio open for them during the day since they are not allowed outside without me around to supervise) but Frodo uses it ALL THE TIME! He loves it.

And this is one of his fav places to sun himself

Life doesn’t get much better, right Frodo?

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Frodo Loves His Cat Containment Unit!

I believe I told you guys about the cat containment unit I got the cats last year. While Amarula (because she was a stray and never completely took to indoor life) is allowed to roam free (but microchipped and collared etc), Zulu and Frodo are only allowed outside on supervised visits or on leashed walks or in the catio! Zulu doesn’t love the catio very much for some reason (he much prefers when I let him roam the backyard) but Frodo loves it. Here’s some photos of Frodo enjoying himself!

FRODO: Hey stop taking photos and give me a belly rub!

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Frodo Is Adjusting Well to Prison Life

As you know I got the cats a catio last year. Out of all the cats, can you guess who loves it the best?:

Frodo spends long hours hanging out in the sunshine in his catio!

Many hours!

FRODO: Mom you’ve gotta tell me when you are taking pictures so I can wash up and make sure I look good.

I can do tricks too–see how I can touch my nose with my tongue!?

Yep! Frodo is definitely adjusting to “prison” life in the catio!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!