Tunnel of Love

Though Frodo and Zulu love each other and generally enjoy hanging out, Zulu is VERY possessive about HIS tunnel and doesn’t like to share…

ZULU: What are you doing in my tunnel Frodo? Can’t you tell by my ears that I am not happy with this situation?

ZULU: Out of my tunnel!

FRODO: I can’t tell if we are hugging or fighting Zulu? I vote for hugging!


ZULU: Guess who won?

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Neighborhood Watch

Frodo: It’s my turn to do neighborhood watch!

FRODO: I know you’re all thinking that I am too cute to guard the neighborhood but I can be vigilant!

FRODO: I can even look mean when I have to!

FRODO: And rumors of my sleeping on the job have been greatly exaggerated!

Frodo: So who wants to hire me to guard your neighborhood? I accept payment in the forms of catnip, tuna and hugs!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

Tunnel Vision

ZULU: Zzzzzzz…..

FRODO: Hey Zulu?

ZULU: What is it Frodo?

FRODO: Why do you get to stay in the open tunnel and I have to be locked in the tent?

ZULU: Cause mom says you are a “roamer.” You are too friendly [not to mention not too bright] and would wander off and get lost

FRODO: Seems unfair! Why do they trust you so much?

ZULU: oh come on! Who wouldn’t trust this face!

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Jail Break!

(I think the cats may not have noticed that I opened the door to their catio)

AMARULA: Oh why does the human insist on keeping us in this cat containment unit??!

FRODO: Actually Amarula, I think we’re free…

AMARULA: You mean free to be miserable locked in this prison with you…

FRODO: Amarula, sometimes I think you make a prison of your own mind…

AMARULA: Oh brother! Do you see what I have to deal with here?

AMARULA: A tortie can not be caged!! I shall escape soon

AMARULA: If I close my eyes I can almost smell freedom…

FRODO: I just smell my feet! And I always feel fancy free when I am with you Amarula!

AMARULA: I wish we could cage in your enthusiasm!

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Frodo Loves His Cat Containment Unit!

I believe I told you guys about the cat containment unit I got the cats last year. While Amarula (because she was a stray and never completely took to indoor life) is allowed to roam free (but microchipped and collared etc), Zulu and Frodo are only allowed outside on supervised visits or on leashed walks or in the catio! Zulu doesn’t love the catio very much for some reason (he much prefers when I let him roam the backyard) but Frodo loves it. Here’s some photos of Frodo enjoying himself!

FRODO: Hey stop taking photos and give me a belly rub!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!