Frodo Gets A Visitor In The Catio

Frodo loves visitors of all kinds (more friends to hug!!) and his favorite, right after fellow felines and dogs, are human children (seriously). Today the neighbor’s son Finn came over and insisted in getting in the cat containment unit with Frodo! Frodo was overjoyed!

FRODO: Hey Finn, nice to meet you!

And even though Finn gave Frodo a gentle, little tail pull (what kid can resist?), Frodo did not hold a grudge (or even try to run away for that matter)!

FRODO: Come in for a hug Finn!

FRODO: And don’t go without giving me a belly rub!

Frodo really does love everyone!

NOTE: The human will be away in PERU!! for the next two weeks so please excuse a lack of posts and visiting other blogs during that time! And don’t worry the cats are in good hands with my neighbor who is a crazy cat person too!

Bad Kitty, Good Kitty

Good kitties are allowed to walk around in the back yard (supervised). Bad kitties must be locked up because they can’t be trusted not to try and take off to wander around and see who in the neighborhood they can offer a hug to. Can you guess which cat is which!?

Zulu is a good kitty who always stays close to his mommy…

Frodo is a very, very bad kitty!

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