Zulu’s Monday Routine

ZULU: It’s not easy being beautiful…I have to constantly be washing myself to ensure I look my best…would not want to disappoint the ladies!


ZULU: Sometimes when I am feeling philosophical I wonder “is this what life is all about? Just looking good?” But then I come to my senses and realize that I have a responsibility to society to provide them with something beautiful to look at!

ZULU: Ok, back to work…

ZULU: Hey can I have some privacy please!


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Neighborhood Friendly Felines

I always love when bloggers like Eastside Cats post about the cats they see in the neighborhood so I thought I would post some of the cats I have met in the last couple of months on my runs. For some reason, ever since the quarantine, cats seem much friendlier and I am meeting cats that I have never seen before on my runs. Some will stay on their porch and stare at me and let me pet them but most will come running up and flop in front of me for a pet or two! I have never had this experience before! So here we go…(I would introduce you but I don’t know most of their names!)

(this is Pete–he has a collar with his name!)

(tabby to the left of the door- the shyest of the bunch)

(I love the sign on this house!)

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

Frodo Loves His Cat Containment Unit!

I believe I told you guys about the cat containment unit I got the cats last year. While Amarula (because she was a stray and never completely took to indoor life) is allowed to roam free (but microchipped and collared etc), Zulu and Frodo are only allowed outside on supervised visits or on leashed walks or in the catio! Zulu doesn’t love the catio very much for some reason (he much prefers when I let him roam the backyard) but Frodo loves it. Here’s some photos of Frodo enjoying himself!

FRODO: Hey stop taking photos and give me a belly rub!

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Frodo Visits A Friend

Frodo likes to visit his indoor cat neighbor friend George Michael. The glass door allows them to practice safe physical distancing!

GEORGE: Hey Frodo good to see you

FRODO: It sure looks exciting in there George–can’t wait until I can come in and visit!

AMARULA: Hey George don’t get any ideas about visiting our home. I have a strict no visitors allowed policy. And glass or no glass I want you two six feet apart! And where are your face masks??

FRODO: I love you Amarula but you can sure be bossy!

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Amarula’s Deep Dark Secret


Shhhhh…Amarula has a deep dark secret she doesn’t want anyone to know about. Sometimes she can be a real sweetie. She loves sitting on my lap with her belly out for a good rubbing!

AMARULA: Pet me more!

AMARULA: Yeah! That’s the ticket!

AMARULA: You know you can’t ever mention any of this right….

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!