Running With Cats (Part 3)

I thought it was time I once again introduce you to a few of the neighbourhood cats I meet during my early morning runs (you may recall Running With Cats Part 2)!

One of my favs is Pierogi (one of the few cats with a collar so I know his name). He’s always happy to see me and an early riser as he is even out when I go for runs at 6AM!


Here he is running towards me when he sees me (let me know if the video doesn’t work) He is disabled but that doesn’t slow him down. The owner told me he was born with a bad front foot but it doesn’t seem to bother him!

Just a few houses down from Pierogi is Juniper! The world’s friendliest tortie. A big cuddler who even lets me pick her up

She never wants me to leave and tries to hold on to my shoe!

This chic kitty has the same kind of collar as Amarula (A Birdsafe collar)

Also very friendly

His sibling kitty (also with a cool collar) prefers a more hands-off approach!

Every time I see this cutie he always takes the time to hiss at me as i pass!

Definitely not a kitty!

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Running with Cats (Part 2)


You may remember that a few months back I did a post on all the wonderful kitties I meet in my neighbourhood while on my runs. As winter is approaching (and feline run-ins will get much more rare–cats don’t seem to like to be out much during Canadian winters) I thought I would share a whole NEW (seriously-these are all new cats-that is just how many friendly felines are in my neighborhood that I get the pleasure to meet on my runs) series of kitties I have met on my latest runs (and check out my cool new pink runners at the end!)

Never saw this guy before but he was so friendly!

Friendly tuxedo cat!

A very serious looking kitty who is actually a giant mush ball! I have actually changed my running route just in hopes of running into him more!

This kitty is clearly a rescue cause of his snipped ear- always stays close to home but will come out for pets!

This cow cat is one of my favs cause he always says hi even on my really early morning runs at 5AM!

This guy is a love bun! Quite young and loves belly rubs

I had never seen this kitty before but SO friendly–hope to meet him/her again!

This orange guy is known throughout the neighbourhood (though no one knows his name) he runs up to everyone for love –even people walking dogs–he LOVES everyone and everything and everyone loves him! (and don’t worry he has a nice, loving home–i always see him sleeping on one specific porch!)

This one had a name tag and was named Marlo–he was especially friendly and was a polydactyl (how do you spell this word??)!

Another friendly orange and white kitty! Also an early riser – only see her/him if run before 7AM!

Aren’t I lucky to live where I see so many wonderful, welcoming kitties! (it is pretty much the ONLY reason I am able to maintain a running routine!)

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Neighborhood Friendly Felines

I always love when bloggers like Eastside Cats post about the cats they see in the neighborhood so I thought I would post some of the cats I have met in the last couple of months on my runs. For some reason, ever since the quarantine, cats seem much friendlier and I am meeting cats that I have never seen before on my runs. Some will stay on their porch and stare at me and let me pet them but most will come running up and flop in front of me for a pet or two! I have never had this experience before! So here we go…(I would introduce you but I don’t know most of their names!)

(this is Pete–he has a collar with his name!)

(tabby to the left of the door- the shyest of the bunch)

(I love the sign on this house!)

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