Frodo Crashes The Party

AMARULA: Zulu you are too close to me. Go away. And you’re making a spectacle of yourself. Where’ s your dignity?

ZULU: Dignity goes out the window when I am playing in my catnip patch!

AMARULA: And now your tail is actually touching mine! Get hold of yourself man!

ZULU: You really are no fun!

AMARULA: Do you see what I have to put up with!? Could this day possibly get any worse?

FRODO: Hey are you guys having a catnip patch party without me?! Move over, I am coming in!

FRODO: Let’s get this party started!

ZULU: Yahoo!

AMARULA: Nooooo!

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A Step In The Wrong Direction

What could Amarula be waiting for….

AMARULA: I see you Zulu. I’m claiming the main floor as a ZULU free zone so I would not take another step if I were you!

ZULU: Out of my way Amarula! I’m coming down

AMARULA: Do I look like I am joking? Torties don’t joke.

ZULU: I hate it when you decide to assert your tortietude!

AMARULA: I am willing to be reasonable and will let you back on to the main floor for three cans of tuna and the password to your Amazon account.

ZULU: Pfffffffff!

AMARULA: I declare the main floor a totalitarian state with me as its leader! Long live the reign of the tortie!

ZULU: Mom! Amarula has been at the catnip again! A little help here please!


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Is It Spring Yet?

FRODO and ZULU: Yeah! Spring is here and we am sure this snow will disappear any second!

AMARULA: Amateurs! I’m staying right here close to the door ready to run in as soon as the snow starts! Those idiots don’t realize that as soon as you say “spring has arrived” Mother Nature sends you another snow storm!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

There’s Always Room For Frodo

FRODO: Something is wrong with this picture. Why are you two in nice comfy beds and I am not!

ZULU: There’s no room here Frodo. You squished me last time you tried to share a bed with me bro!

FRODO: What about you Amarula?

AMARULA: I don’t believe in sharing! I am a tortie!

FRODO: But this is so unfair!

FRODO: Please!!

ZULU: Don’t worry Frodo. I will always have room for you beside me!

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I’m King Of The World

ZULU: Look how mighty i am! I am king of all I see! I can see the whole world from here!

ZULU: I am like a lion looking over my vast domain! Everyone will fear my might!

ZULU: Wow that is a pretty far way down…

ZULU: Someone is going to get me down from here right??

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A Tight Squeeze!

FRODO: Don’t you love getting your ears washed Zulu?

ZULU: I sure do but I seem to remember you fitting more comfortably on this bed before. Now it seems it’s quite a tight squeeze!

FRODO: I have no idea what you are talking about. Has mom been talking to you about what the vet said about putting me on a diet??

ZULU: I think it’s pretty obvious that you’ve gotten just ever so slightly heavier Frodo. In fact, you’re kind of crushing me here!

ZULU: It may indeed be time for a diet little (or should I say not so little) buddy!

ZULU: I still love you but you are HEAVY! OFF!

FRODO: You don’t know what you’re saying! Clearly the bed has shrunk

FRODO: I need a doughnut!

ZULU: Is someone going to get Frodo off of me?!

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A Christmas Cat Fight

ZULU: Don’t I look great in my new Christmas sweater?? Green really brings out my eyes!

ZULU: Frodo go away I am posing for the camera!

FRODO: I sure wish I could have a great sweater like that. Can I try it on?

ZULU: No way. You’re likely to roll around in the litter box with it on!

ZULU: I don’t like that look in your eyes Frodo.

ZULU: Walk away Frodo or I will karate chop you!


FRODO: Sorry Zulu I don’t know what came over me. I was blinded by the Christmas colors I guess!

ZULU: No worries. It makes sense that you would be jealous of how great I look in this sweater. Maybe I will let you wear it next Christmas!

AMARULA: Frodo, you can borrow my stupid Christmas sweater anytime you want! Get me outta this thing!

Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!