The Best Seat In The House

ZULU: Mom’s lap is always the best seat in the house!

ZULU: And after my brave investigative efforts on Monday, mom rewarded me by letting me sit in her lap for a whole afternoon!!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

1. October is the perfect time to _celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving which is on Monday Oct 9 this year! The human always gives us some turkey!!

2. Halloween _is the best night to terrorize young children and steal their candy! I am so dark they don’t see me when I stand in front of their feet to trip them! Boo! Mwahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

3. Every October, I  start plotting out how I am gonna get my passport and papers in order so I can fly back to South Africa (from where the Human stole me from the streets) and avoid the upcoming Canadian winter.

4. My experience with the supernatural world is plenty!! Cause I am SUPER and ALL NATURAL! (unlike Zulu who has had work done–and don’t let him tell you otherwise)!

Zulu Investigates Frodo’s New Friend!

ZULU: What the heck!? Who is this new cat hanging out with Frodo? It isn’t Play-Doh. Normally I like to leave the  life-threatening tasks investigating up to Amarula…

AMARULA: You mean you prefer to cower in the basement whenever potential danger arises!

ZULU: Quiet Amarula! It’s not my fault that I just happen to be hanging out in the basement whenever a dangerous situation comes up! Anyway, I am off to investigate…

ZULU: Oh boy! This is pretty scary! Is it just me or does this black and white cat seem very menacing!?

ZULU: Is that a jailhouse tattoo I see on its paw!? Is this kitty a street tough? Does anyone see any gang affiliation tats? I don’t know about this!

ZULU: Oh gee! There are just so many concealed weapons all that fluff could be hiding! Is that the scent of blood I smell? Is the cat giving me the evil eye?

ZULU: Don’t make eye contact!

ZULU: I am otta here!

ZULU: I am just going to keep at a safe distance! Oh no! Is that Monochrome Menace still staring at me!??

ZULU: What’s that mom? You say you have something in the basement you need me to see! I am coming….

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Psssssssssst! Frodo Has A Secret!

FRODO: Zulu, come closer I gotta tell you a real important secret.

ZULU: I don’t like the look in your eyes Frodo! I have fallen for that one too many times!

FRODO: No really, Zulu, just move in a little closer…it’s real, real important

FRODO: Gotcha!! Now I am gonna slobber you with kisses! It works every time!

ZULU: Not the ears! Not the ears!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. I would never be friends with someone who… what is this thing you call “friend”? I don’t understand. I have worshipers only.
  2. I will never refuse __to speak about myself– that would just be cruel to a world that so desperately needs to hear about my greatness!_
  3. I have never been to __Cat Island in Japan , but  I know they would make me their queen if I ever visited!!
  4. When it comes to   __what I want most right now   , I  think most about Phoebe from 15andmeowing who is not feeling well and I (along with Frodo and Zulu) send her and her family lots of love!! It’s the only thing the three of us can agree on!

Play-Doh Returns For Another Visit

AMARULA: I heard the human throw the cat food bag down the back stairs. I ran because she always lets me lick the bag before she puts it in the trash but what did I see?? That neighborhood menace Play-Doh  had the same idea!

AMARULA: Looks like it was gonna be a show-down….

AMARULA: But as I had just given myself an extensive bath, I decided to let the nincompoop have it! But the human really must do something to ensure the neighbor’s cat ceases his trespassing!

AMARULA: He then went into MY catnip patch!

AMARULA: And he proceeded to roll around and have way too much fun!

AMARULA: Naturally, Zulu (aka fraidy cat) sat on the porch and observed Play-Doh with a mixture of fear and interest.

AMARULA: The Creamsicle Cretin, as to be expected, was ecstatic that Play-Doh had returned for a visit.

AMARULA: And they spent the day together smelling catnip! Won’t someone save me from this madness!??

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Zulu’s Guide To Stretching

ZULU: Hi loyal fans and lady cats! Last week Amarula bored you with her summer slimming routine (clearly, it’s not even very effective if you know what I mean). And Frodo showed you his anti-gravity workout as well. So this week I want to show you how I keep myself so lithe and good-looking with stretches.

ZULU: First start with a basic easy open arm stretch that I like to call “Welcoming the sunpuddle.”

ZULU: Then move on to this more advanced move where you curl your toes and yet stretch out your nails as far as possible while twisted into a backwards half circle.

ZULU: Now push one back leg and one front leg as far apart as possible (this move can be facilitated by snorting copious amounts of cat nip 10 minutes before hand—-the herb really stimulates flexibility!)

ZULU: Now roar to the world what a ferocious feline you are! My favorite mantra is “I am Zulu the Great and Gorgeous!”

ZULU: End by striking a cute pose and pausing long enough so that your human can admire how beautiful and clever you are. Belly rubs are optional…

ZULU:…but are always appreciated!

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Zulu Gets Boxed Into A Corner

ZULU: As you may remember from this post, I am not really a cat who likes boxes. I can just never get comfy.

ZULU: But when I see Frodo looking so cozy I just have to get myself into the box with him! But it took a lot of tries to get situated just right….

ZULU: Almost but not quite….

ZULU: I’ll have to try another pass…

ZULU: This is more complicated than it looks!

ZULU: Finally! And While I’m here let me give you a quick bath Frodo!

ZULU: Perfect! Now time for a lovely nap! Hey, is it just me or does this box make my bum look big? Have a great Monday everyone!

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