They Missed Me!

Clearly the felines really missed me while I was away in Africa! They still won’t leave my side. While I was trying to work, Frodo kept trying to knead me and Zulu stood in front of the computer demanding attention.

ZULU: Frodo, that’s enough. It’s my turn for some attention!

ZULU: Mom what about me? (Zulu loves poking me if he thinks I am not paying enough attention to him)

Amarula was busy trying to make it clear to yet another neighbourhood cat, this one named Baz, (you may recall that we are getting frequent visits from Harry aka the Other Orange Menace, as Amarula likes to call him) that he was not welcome in our backyard!

Baz says Hello!

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I am back from my trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe and while I was very happy to get home and see the cats, at first their reaction to my arrival was more muted.

ZULU and FRODO: How dare you leave us for so long!?

But come nighttime the cats were already softening up. Amarula made a rare appearance on the bed (she almost never sleeps with me) and actually sat beside Frodo. Even Frodo seemed shocked!

Soon Zulu joined us and we had a good cuddle. They finally forgave me!

Here are just a few photos of what we saw. For me the highlight was a pack of very rare wild dogs (aka painted dogs), a brown hyena, baby lions and an elephant that came right into camp!

We’re doing the blog hop from Comedyplus!