Amarula is Feeling Blue

I have a blue jay that is so smart he actually comes and sits on my garage roof and stares at me while I work at my desk–he stares until i come out and put some peanuts on the porch. He practically takes them from my hand!

And when he doesn’t see me at my desk he comes to the kitchen window to check if I am there. Blue jays are known to be smart but this guy is a genius. Sometimes he gets so insistent on me bringing him a constant supply of fresh peanuts that I actually have to close my blinds so I can get some work done!

Amarula does not find the little guy quite as charming as I do!

Even Amarula’s threatening presence doesn’t scare the little guy off!

In fact, I’ve even seen him engaging in staring contests with Amarula and he always wins (don’t tell her I told you that!)

AMARULA: Open this window so I can introduce this Cobalt Cretin to my Claws of Death!

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Frodo Gets Cuddly

It may surprise many of you to learn that despite Frodo being a giant love bug and having a major passion for cuddling with his bro Zulu in front of the fire (and despite his fruitless efforts to snuggle with Amarula) he has only recently started to crawl in bed and cuddle in the early morning hours. He sometimes does a bit of cuddling at night before bed while I read but then he usually skedaddles as I fall asleep.

I am thrilled waking up to this adorable face!

FRODO: I love this together time but don’t you think you should start getting our breakfast ready?

AMARULA: Cute?!?! It’s disgusting! Don’t expect me to do any cuddling with that orange menace on the bed! I’m staying on the bedside table where it’s safe!

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Zulu Is Feeling Shy

ZULU: Hey what are you doing?! You can’t sneak up on me like that while I’m grooming!

ZULU: Come on, don’t peek! Give me some privacy!

ZULU: I am not normally shy about showing off but even I have a sense of propriety!

ZULU: Now go away and give me some privacy. I know I am gorgeous and lovely to look at but a mancat has to preserve some mystery!

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