Frodo Invades Amarula’s Happy Place


AMARULA: What the hell is this idiot doing here??? This is my secret cat nip patch.

FRODO: I missed you Amarula! So mom put me on a leash and we found you in the neighbor’s yard in this wonderful patch of catnip!

AMARULA: Why oh why does the human insist on taking your for a walk! Is there no place I am safe?!

FRODO: You must have been so lonely playing here by yourself Amarula! Aren’t you glad I found you?

AMARULA: Glad is not the word I would use….

AMARULA: He appears to be passed out. If we run for it I bet he would never find his way home on his own!

AMARULA: Frodo is so undignified. Deplorable behavior! I can’t even stand to look at my catnip patch anymore! I’m outta here

FRODO: Come back Amarula! What does deplorable mean? Don’t you want to give me a tummy rub?

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Frodo Is Adjusting Well to Prison Life

As you know I got the cats a catio last year. Out of all the cats, can you guess who loves it the best?:

Frodo spends long hours hanging out in the sunshine in his catio!

Many hours!

FRODO: Mom you’ve gotta tell me when you are taking pictures so I can wash up and make sure I look good.

I can do tricks too–see how I can touch my nose with my tongue!?

Yep! Frodo is definitely adjusting to “prison” life in the catio!

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Frodo’s Surprise Dental Visit

So you may remember that last week Zulu had a good laugh because Amarula was supposed to go for a dental. I made the mistake of deciding to check Frodo’s teeth and it turns out his teeth were even worse than Amarula’s so he ended up taking Amarula’s appointment (Amarula is going next week). Frodo is back home after having some teeth pulled and is resting comfortably…

…VERY comfortably! How ya feeling Frodo?

FRODO: Zzzzzzzz

Come on Frodo–show us how nice your clean teeth are looking!

A little wider!

FRODO: Ahhhhhhhhh! Can you see them now?!?!

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Frodo Spreads it On Thick

FRODO: Why aren’t I snuggled up in my cat pod? Sometimes the best way to enjoy a heating vent is with your whole body!

FRODO: Ah yeah! That hits the spot!

FRODO: Now how long do I have to keep looking cute until someone comes to pet my belly?

We also want to note that it’s with great sadness that we learned that Toby joined Leia at the rainbow bridge just three weeks apart- a terrible tragedy for The Whiskeratti. Pls visit the site to convey condolences if you wish. The Whiskeratti

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!