Adorable Overload

Look what I get to wake up to every morning

Well not every morning. Zulu sleeps with me every night but Frodo only occasionally joins us.


FRODO: Oh Oh. I see mom spotted me opening my eyes

FRODO: Zulu don’t open your eyes or mom might think it’s time to get up!

ZULU: Shhhh. Just close your eyes buddy and go back to sleep. You make a great pillow by the way!

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It’s the Best Time of The Year

It’s catio time!

Interestingly, Frodo is the kitty who uses the catio the most. Zulu only uses it in the morning when he goes all the way to the bottom to eat grass and then throws it up right before breakfast (thanks Zulu!) otherwise he doesn’t use it very much. Amarula only uses it when I am traveling (the cat sitter keeps the catio open for them during the day since they are not allowed outside without me around to supervise) but Frodo uses it ALL THE TIME! He loves it.

And this is one of his fav places to sun himself

Life doesn’t get much better, right Frodo?

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Winter Weight

FRODO: This is the first time in my outdoor tent since last summer!

FRODO: For some reason it seems a little smaller than last year! Or am I just larger?

FRODO: OK I admit it. My tummy may seem a little bigger than last year. Mom says I gained a little winter weight. But I keep telling her that it’s not that my tummy got bigger, it’s that my head shrunk a little and thus makes my tum tum look larger!! So far she’s not buying it!

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Frodo Gets Cuddly

It may surprise many of you to learn that despite Frodo being a giant love bug and having a major passion for cuddling with his bro Zulu in front of the fire (and despite his fruitless efforts to snuggle with Amarula) he has only recently started to crawl in bed and cuddle in the early morning hours. He sometimes does a bit of cuddling at night before bed while I read but then he usually skedaddles as I fall asleep.

I am thrilled waking up to this adorable face!

FRODO: I love this together time but don’t you think you should start getting our breakfast ready?

AMARULA: Cute?!?! It’s disgusting! Don’t expect me to do any cuddling with that orange menace on the bed! I’m staying on the bedside table where it’s safe!

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Preparing For A Polar Vortex

We are experiencing some of the coldest temperatures of the winter thanks to a polar vortex

Frodo and Zulu, upon hearing the news, went straight into “polar vortex prep” mode.

Clearly, it will be a struggle to manage the cold but they will somehow do their best to pull through!

Wish them luck!

FRODO: May your week be warm and full of cuddles (and a fireplace too)!

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Frodo Is All Fired Up

It’s the first fire of the fall! And Frodo was so excited he didn’t waste any time grabbing a prime spot by the fire!

Though he is definitely stretched out sufficiently to ensure he gets as much of his body warmed by the fire as possible, it’s a bit odd that he’s pointing away from the fire!

FRODO: I’m lying in the wrong direction cause I am out of practice! That’s why we need to leave the fireplace on all year — even through the summer!

Now can you please give me a quick tummy rub and spin my pillow in the right direction? And please ask Zulu to join me! He loves the fire as much as I do!

Your wish is my command little guy!

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