Frodo Is Not A Morning Kitty!

FRODO: What do you mean it’s time to get up! (Frodo’s expression says it all! He is not and has never been a morning kitty!)

FRODO: Can’t you see that Zulu and I are having a fantastic snuggle session. Can’t we please have a couple more hours of sleep? Do you really want to break up this bromance?

Could you say no to these two adorable kitties?

Alas, I could not

FRODO: thanks! Zzzzz

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Amarula’s Big Dilemma

AMARULA: I am pondering a very important question….

AMARULA: Do I throw up a hairball now or wait until the human has neatly made the bed?

AMARULA: You know what…why limit my options? I’ll just do one of each!

AMARULA: And, better yet, I’ll just put the blame on Frodo and Zulu. After all, who would ever suspect a kitty with such a sweet face?

AMARULA: Wink! Mwahahaha…

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Dumb and Dumber

Note the chipmunk (behind the brick) that decided to hang out with Zulu. I’m not sure which one would win the award for “dumbest.” The cat who doesn’t even notice a juicy chippy standing right behind him or the chipmunk who thought it was a good place to hang out!

ZULU: I have the strangest feeling someone is watching me…

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Running With Cats (Part 3)

I thought it was time I once again introduce you to a few of the neighbourhood cats I meet during my early morning runs (you may recall Running With Cats Part 2)!

One of my favs is Pierogi (one of the few cats with a collar so I know his name). He’s always happy to see me and an early riser as he is even out when I go for runs at 6AM!


Here he is running towards me when he sees me (let me know if the video doesn’t work) He is disabled but that doesn’t slow him down. The owner told me he was born with a bad front foot but it doesn’t seem to bother him!

Just a few houses down from Pierogi is Juniper! The world’s friendliest tortie. A big cuddler who even lets me pick her up

She never wants me to leave and tries to hold on to my shoe!

This chic kitty has the same kind of collar as Amarula (A Birdsafe collar)

Also very friendly

His sibling kitty (also with a cool collar) prefers a more hands-off approach!

Every time I see this cutie he always takes the time to hiss at me as i pass!

Definitely not a kitty!

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Last Night By The Fire

ZULU: Did you hear that Frodo? Mom said the hot weather has arrived so she’s going to shut down the fireplace until the fall!! This is our last night by the fire until fall comes!

FRODO: I know, but don’t you worry Zulu cause we can still hang out here together even if the fireplace isn’t on! Let’s just enjoy this moment together buddy.


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Happy Easter Monday!

The Easter celebrations are still going strong over here!

FRODO: When does the egg hunt begin!?

AMARULA: Are you seriously making me wear an Easter egg collar? That’s it, I’m contacting my lawyer! This is a clear case of cruel and unusual punishment!

ZULU: A tie with sequins!? SEQUINS!? Sequins are so last Easter! I will never recover from such a major fashion faux pas!!!!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!