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Amarula Falls Apart

AMARULA: What the #@!% One minute it is all beautiful, hot and the middle of summer and I have one tiny little nap and wake up to find this mess of leaves everywhere and a cool breeze in the air?! What is going on!? AMARULA: This can’t mean what I think it does, can it? […]

Frodo Learns to Fly

FRODO: Here I am waiting by the bird feeder hoping to meet some birds. FRODO: For some reason they seem reluctant to come near me! Don’t they know I would never hurt them!? FRODO: I just want to ask them to teach me how to fly! It seems like so much fun! AMARULA: Frodo, you […]

Frodo Gets Led Astray (Again)

FRODO: As you know, my new bestie Tony (the neighbor’s cat and Play-Doh’s brother) has been visiting me a lot lately! I love spending time with him! He seems to have a higher tolerance for my companionship than my other besties and siblings Zulu and Amarula! FRODO: I love following him around. For some reason […]

Frodo’s New Friend Has A Name

FRODO: You may remember that I met a new friend a couple of weeks ago. I was so happy to meet him (though Zulu and Amarula seem just a little less enamored with him). Well it turns out he lives just a few houses away with my other friend Play-Doh! They are brothers (from a […]

Caturday Art: An Outdoor Trio of Art

This week all three cats get in on the art: Original: A photo from Frodo’s last blog. After using LunaPic landscape theme. Zulu’s original from Wordless Wednesday. Zulu after using LunaPic Beauty theme (Zulu’s favorite theme) The original from Amarula in stealth mode on Wordless Wednesday. Amarula using LunaPic in Fairy. We are joining Athena’s […]

Nap Time in ALCATraz

You may remember how upset Frodo gets when I put him in ALCATraz (aka the cat house of shame) when we are outside and he is refusing to stay on our property. You can read about it here. But what you don’t know is that when he thinks I am not looking he actually stops […]