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Frodo Spreads it On Thick

FRODO: Why aren’t I snuggled up in my cat pod? Sometimes the best way to enjoy a heating vent is with your whole body! FRODO: Ah yeah! That hits the spot! FRODO: Now how long do I have to keep looking cute until someone comes to pet my belly? We also want to note that […]

Amarula Weights In

AMARULA: You don’t think I put on too much weight over the holidays do you? AMARULA: Take a closer look. You can be honest. Don’t let the fact that I haven’t had my claws trimmed for two months deter you from an honest answer… We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

Santa Paws Has Arrived

FRODO: It’s here it’s here! Our Santa Paws Secret Santa gift arrived all the way from Australia from the wonderful Pawesome cats! FRODO: Enough photos! Can we open these? FRODO: WOW! Can’t wait to watch the video and that tuna looks delicious! AMARULA: I claim everything!! ZULU: Get away Frodo that tuna is mine!! AMARULA: […]