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Amarula Meets Frodo’s New Friend

AMARULA: What the heck!? What is that thing in Zulu’s tunnel? AMARULA: Sweet God! It’s a cat! It must be that menace that Frodo has befriended and Zulu is still hiding in the basement from. AMARULA: Oh no! It has the same dull, naive and friendly look in its eyes that Frodo does! I do […]

The Best Seat In The House

ZULU: Mom’s lap is always the best seat in the house! ZULU: And after my brave investigative efforts on Monday, mom rewarded me by letting me sit in her lap for a whole afternoon!! Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader! 1. October is the perfect time to _celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving which is on Monday Oct […]

Zulu Investigates Frodo’s New Friend!

ZULU: What the heck!? Who is this new cat hanging out with Frodo? It isn’t Play-Doh. Normally I like to leave the  life-threatening tasks investigating up to Amarula… AMARULA: You mean you prefer to cower in the basement whenever potential danger arises! ZULU: Quiet Amarula! It’s not my fault that I just happen to be […]

Frodo Meets (Yet Another) New Friend!

FRODO: What’s this? Play-Doh my good pal must be here for another visit! Wait a minute… FRODO: Who are you? Play-Doh is grey and white and you are black and white! You’re not Play-Doh…but you sure smell good! FRODO: Whoa buddy! I just wanna be your friend…and you’re the one visiting my yard! FRODO: So […]

Psssssssssst! Frodo Has A Secret!

FRODO: Zulu, come closer I gotta tell you a real important secret. ZULU: I don’t like the look in your eyes Frodo! I have fallen for that one too many times! FRODO: No really, Zulu, just move in a little closer…it’s real, real important FRODO: Gotcha!! Now I am gonna slobber you with kisses! It […]