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Play-Doh Returns For Another Visit

AMARULA: I heard the human throw the cat food bag down the back stairs. I ran because she always lets me lick the bag before she puts it in the trash but what did I see?? That neighborhood menace Play-Doh  had the same idea! AMARULA: Looks like it was gonna be a show-down…. AMARULA: But […]

Caturday Art: A Trio of Artsy Troublemakers

These photos are from blog posts in the last week and a half Frodo before from this post After using Lunapic Beauty Zulu before from this post Zulu after using Lunapic quirky Amarula before from this post Amarula after using Fairy—which one do you guys like best? We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop!

Being The Boss Is Hard Work

AMARULA: Why am I napping you might ask? Because I have spent the day overseeing the construction of the neighbor’s deck…and it does NOT meet with my approval. They refused to take any of my suggestions! AMARULA: Where are the scratching posts? Where is the flat-screen TV to watch my favorite Garfield reruns? AMARULA: And […]

Mancat Monday: Frodo’s Love is Back!

AMARULA: You may remember that last year we had a serious trespasser in MY backyard domain: Play-doh. Frodo promptly fell in love with Play-Doh (who belongs to the neighbor and who we have since discovered is a male cat…but I don’t plan to tell Frodo that…Frodo falls in love at the drop of a hat. […]

Zulu’s Guide To Stretching

ZULU: Hi loyal fans and lady cats! Last week Amarula bored you with her summer slimming routine (clearly, it’s not even very effective if you know what I mean). And Frodo showed you his anti-gravity workout as well. So this week I want to show you how I keep myself so lithe and good-looking with […]