Let Sleeping Cats Lie!

I got an early Christmas present! A very RARE site indeed. All three kitties in bed together!

I am used to waking up with Zulu and Frodo, but Amarula usually jumps right off the bed when she sees the other two. This time she stayed for a whole five minutes! She must be filled with the Christmas spirit! Humbug!

AMARULA: I am clearly sleepwalking! There is no explanation for me to be here with those two otherwise! Sleepwalking I tell you! I am definitely not filled with Christmas Spirit!


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Amarula’s Got Lots of Emotional Baggage

I am back from Ecuador and the Galapagos and it was amazing (see the best thing I bought while there at the end of this post)

As soon as I had unpacked, Amarula jumped into my suitcase as though preventing me from leaving again. It was so cute!

AMARULA: Oh please! I just booked a flight to Vegas and am just testing out the size of the suitcase to make sure my litter box fits! I didn’t even notice you were gone. Bon voyage baby!

Best Buy Ever

Would you believe I saw this beauty in a shop window in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador? The sales people didn’t speak English but kept laughing at how excited I was! And yes I did buy it and wore it out to dinner that night!!

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Amarula and Frodo Go For A Walk

Still having a heat wave here in Southern Ontario Canada! So Frodo and Amarula went for a nice neighbourhood walk (Zulu prefers to stay close to the house and doesn’t join us on neighbourhood walks!)

Frodo follows Amarula’s every move.

FRODO: Hey bestie slow down I can’t keep up!

AMARULA: That’s the idea!

Amarula does try to get ahead and lead the way (she likes to be the boss — and get some space between her and Frodo!)

FRODO: Wait for me Amarula!

When we got back home, Zulu joined us in the neighbour’s garden.

Here’s a very short video of Frodo and Amarula walking – you can see how close Frodo tries to stay to her.

Please let me know if the video doesn’t work!

I won’t be posting for the next two weeks as I will be going to Ecuador and the Galapagos!

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Frodo Is All Fired Up

It’s the first fire of the fall! And Frodo was so excited he didn’t waste any time grabbing a prime spot by the fire!

Though he is definitely stretched out sufficiently to ensure he gets as much of his body warmed by the fire as possible, it’s a bit odd that he’s pointing away from the fire!

FRODO: I’m lying in the wrong direction cause I am out of practice! That’s why we need to leave the fireplace on all year — even through the summer!

Now can you please give me a quick tummy rub and spin my pillow in the right direction? And please ask Zulu to join me! He loves the fire as much as I do!

Your wish is my command little guy!

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Catnip Party!

It’s rare to see Amarula hanging out with the boys but she was waiting until they left so she could take a turn rolling around in the catnip patch.

All the more important to do now that snow will likely soon cover the catnip!

AMARULA: Hurry up you two. I want a go… Look at the two of them. Rolling around like animals. Have they no dignity or pride??

AMARULA: Speaking of having no pride…I will now allow the human the great honor of rubbing my belly!

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Amarula At The Office

Though she plays tough, Amarula loves lying on my desk beside me as I work.

AMARULA: What are you talking about? I just lie here cause it’s the best spot in the house for sunbeams.

She always curls her feet in such a cute way!

AMARULA: I think it’s not my feet but my claws that you’ll be staring at if you don’t leave me alone and get back to work!

AS PROMISED: Some photos from my visit to Uganda and Kenya.

We saw lots and lots of big cats, including a mom feeding her cubs

A curious jackal

A stunning lilac breasted roller bird! That’s how it really looks! No editing

A marabou stork–can’t decide if it’s the ugliest bird alive or charming!

Hyena cooling down


A superb starling (In Canada, starlings definitely don’t look like this!)

One of my fav. A shoebill stork. Very rare (see baby behind mother). They look prehistoric!

It was a totally incredible trip!

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Frodo Is On The Fence About Forgiveness

I got back from my trip to Uganda and Kenya to find that Frodo had somehow managed to get himself stuck on top of my neighbour’s fence (looks like he climbed a tree in my yard and then jumped over to the fence–normally he is not a tree climber!)

FRODO: Well, well! So you finally decided to come home! Amarula told me that Africa was really far away but that if I climbed to the top of the fence I might be able to see you!

AMARULA: Who me? I would never say such a thing…(that idiot believes everything I tell him and thus provides hours of amusement)

FRODO: And Amarula was right just like I knew she would be! I climbed to the top of the fence and now I can see you! I knew my buddy would never steer me wrong.

FRODO: But now that you’re back home can you please help me down? It’s awfully high up here!

(I have lots of photos to go through and saw lots of big cats in Africa–I will share some next week!)

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