Caturday Art: An Outdoor Trio of Art

This week all three cats get in on the art:

Original: A photo from Frodo’s last blog.

After using LunaPic landscape theme.

Zulu’s original from Wordless Wednesday.

Zulu after using LunaPic Beauty theme (Zulu’s favorite theme)

The original from Amarula in stealth mode on Wordless Wednesday.

Amarula using LunaPic in Fairy.

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Caturday Art: Friends and Enemies

The above photo for Caturday Art is taken using Beauty filter from LunaPic. It’s the photo from Wednesday showing Zulu and Frodo reunited now that Busy has left


This is from the photo of Amarula from Thankful Thursday’s blog pondering how she would love to get rid of Frodo and Zulu (though I agree with what many of you said — she would miss them– what else would she do with her time if she didn’t have them to plot against?) I used Fairy from LunaPic. I think it really makes her look ferocious and lovely at the same time! (PS: Bear she agrees with you–she has way too many bells, which is a testatment to her hunting abilitiy!)

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop!

Caturday Art: The Kiss!

As you may recall, we have photographic evidence that Amarula (ostensibly driven mad by snow and too much mulled wine, according to her) kissed Frodo (or maybe it was just the magic of the Amazon boxes?!).

Original photo of The Kiss

Anyway, I thought it was such a significant moment so I’ve put together (much to Amarula’s chagrin and Frodo’s joy) a few colorful designs to try to capture the magic and vibrancy of the moment! Hope you like!

Dreamscope Secret Garden

Dreamscope Artefact

And finally–my fav–Dreamscope Petals

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop!