An Enticing Invitation

FRODO: What the?!?! Was that Zulu who just went by?

ZULU: Bro?

FRODO: Zulu! Where are you going? Come join me for a nap–naps are always more fun with more felines!

ZULU: You sure there’s enough room in there for me?

FRODO: Are you calling me fat??

ZULU: Alright move over I am coming in!

ZULU: You were right Frodo, naps are always better with a buddy!

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Frodo Takes a Leap of Faith

FRODO: You were right Amarula! I can see the whole world from up here! Thanks so much for your suggestion that I get in the cupboard and I know i can trust you that mom won’t be mad!

AMARULA: That’s right Frodo. You just stay up there and have a great time! (idiot)

FRODO: Thank goodness mom forgot to close it properly or I never would have discovered how fun this is. I wonder why she doesn’t leave it open all the time?! Doesn’t she realize how grand it is up here??

FRODO: Wow it is really far down below!

FRODO: I am King of the Kitchen!! Yeah!

FRODO: Oh oh! Mom just spotted me and doesn’t look too happy!

FRODO: I’m otta here!

AMARULA: ha ha ha! I love how gullible the orange idiot is!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

Amarula Wants A Hug

AMARULA: If I look to my right am I going to see that idiot Zulu staring at me?

ZULU: Hi Amarula, aka she-who-looks-like-a-bowl-of-tiger-tail-ice-cream-exploded!

AMARULA: I knew it! When will you learn to fear me as you should!? What a way to start a Monday!

AMARULA: Come a little closer Zulu, I wanna give you a hug!

ZULU: No thanks! I’ve had your hugs before! I’ll stay right here.

AMARULA: Is it possible you do have a tiny ounce of intelligence??

(PS The Human had a wonderful time on her trip to Israel)

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!