Amarula’s Big Dilemma

AMARULA: I am pondering a very important question….

AMARULA: Do I throw up a hairball now or wait until the human has neatly made the bed?

AMARULA: You know what…why limit my options? I’ll just do one of each!

AMARULA: And, better yet, I’ll just put the blame on Frodo and Zulu. After all, who would ever suspect a kitty with such a sweet face?

AMARULA: Wink! Mwahahaha…

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Happy Easter Monday!

The Easter celebrations are still going strong over here!

FRODO: When does the egg hunt begin!?

AMARULA: Are you seriously making me wear an Easter egg collar? That’s it, I’m contacting my lawyer! This is a clear case of cruel and unusual punishment!

ZULU: A tie with sequins!? SEQUINS!? Sequins are so last Easter! I will never recover from such a major fashion faux pas!!!!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

Tiff Over The TV

AMARULA: Quick, give me the TV remote. I want to watch a documentary on birds. I might get some pointers on how to catch them!

AMARULA: What do you mean I’m not in charge of the remote!?

AMARULA: We’ll I don’t think you’ll be in charge of the remote long if I bite off all your fingers!

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Amarula is Snowed Under

Much like the rest of us, Amarula has spent the day staring balefully out the window wondering how to deal with the 20 centimetres of snow that just fell!

AMARULA: Why won’t the snow stop? When is summer going to arrive again? Why is this happening to me?

AMARULA: YOU did this! I know somehow this is your fault human!

AMARULA: Yes, I mean YOU!

On a more cheerful note, there was a fox in our neighbourhood yesterday sunning himself in a neighbour’s backyard. Likely trying to enjoy the sun before this terrible snow storm! I got some nice photos


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Amarula: Queen Of The Catnip Patch!

ZULU: How I love to enjoy the last bit of garden catnip before winter arrives and covers it all. So relaxing…


ZULU: Frodo what are you doing!?

FRODO: It’s my catnip patch! Mine!

FRODO: Sorry Zulu but I can’t be Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to catnip. It’s the only time I don’t want to share

ZULU: Fine it’s all yours! But I have a feeling it won’t be yours for long! I will get my revenge

ZULU: Ha Ha! Look who’s coming. You’re in trouble now! I am otta here

FRODO: Oh oh…

AMARULA: Whose catnip patch were you saying this belongs to Frodo?

FRODO: Ah…both of us…?


FRODO: I’ll just wait over here until you’re done playing in your catnip patch Amarula

AMARULA: Right answer Frodo

ZULU: Ha! Sweet revenge!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!