Amarula Goes Birding

Amarula loves patrolling my hummingbird feeders to look for snacks. She insists she’s just protecting her territory from invaders.

They are so fast that Amarula has never even gotten close to catching one! (and she’s actually quite frightened by the quick buzzing noise their wings make–though she would never admit it!)

AMARULA: They look so yummy!

I’ve got my eye on you Amarula!

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Zulu Interrupted!

ZULU: Feast your eyes ladies! Yes I really am this handsome–no photo editing!

ZULU: And I always make sure I look my best with extra grooming

AMARULA: No one is interested Zulu. We all know who the real beauty is in this house!

ZULU: Why must you always interrupt my photo shoots Amarula!

ZULU: Is someone going to remove the tortie!!??

AMARULA: I’m ready for my closeup!

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Oh No! Roadblock!

Every once in awhile Amarula uses Frodo’s catio (she rarely uses it because she is the only cat allowed outside on her own) and then sits at a spot where no one can pass her to get into the main part of the catio. While I am sure this is certainly not a passive aggressive manoeuvre on her part (wink wink!) it is still very inconvenient for the other kitties (namely Frodo) who need to pass her to get into the catio!

FRODO: Mom as you can see we’ve got a bit of a situation here! I know Amarula loves me to bits (how could she not?) but she does tend to get “slappy” and “hissy” when I ask her to share her space! Or, come to think of it, any time I speak to her at all.

FRODO: And as you can see, she pretty much takes up ALL the space and doesn’t leave a passing lane! What’s a kitty to do??

FRODO: Please mom…could you ask her to move for me? Please!

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A Bedtime Miracle!

I was getting ready for bed doing some nighttime reading and suddenly noticed this: Amarula sleeping peacefully by Zulu! (And how cute does Zulu look!? He’s my best cuddler!)

As though sensing something was amiss, Amarula leapt up and looked as though she couldn’t believe her own eyes

She even took a big sniff of Zulu to make sure she wasn’t imagining things!

AMARULA: Clearly I had too much catnip before bed! I am outta here

ZULU: More room for me! Zzzzzzzzzz

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Amarula’s Reputation is Ruined

Amarula doesn’t like people to know about her softer side but she loves lying beside me on the bed as I read

AMARULA: You better not be writing about how cute I am! You know how I hate that. I am not lying beside you, I just had a fainting spell and it’s taking me awhile to recover. The fact that it happened beside you is nothing more than a coincidence.

AMARULA: My reputation is never going to recover!

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Amarula is Feeling Blue

I have a blue jay that is so smart he actually comes and sits on my garage roof and stares at me while I work at my desk–he stares until i come out and put some peanuts on the porch. He practically takes them from my hand!

And when he doesn’t see me at my desk he comes to the kitchen window to check if I am there. Blue jays are known to be smart but this guy is a genius. Sometimes he gets so insistent on me bringing him a constant supply of fresh peanuts that I actually have to close my blinds so I can get some work done!

Amarula does not find the little guy quite as charming as I do!

Even Amarula’s threatening presence doesn’t scare the little guy off!

In fact, I’ve even seen him engaging in staring contests with Amarula and he always wins (don’t tell her I told you that!)

AMARULA: Open this window so I can introduce this Cobalt Cretin to my Claws of Death!

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Frodo Gets Cuddly

It may surprise many of you to learn that despite Frodo being a giant love bug and having a major passion for cuddling with his bro Zulu in front of the fire (and despite his fruitless efforts to snuggle with Amarula) he has only recently started to crawl in bed and cuddle in the early morning hours. He sometimes does a bit of cuddling at night before bed while I read but then he usually skedaddles as I fall asleep.

I am thrilled waking up to this adorable face!

FRODO: I love this together time but don’t you think you should start getting our breakfast ready?

AMARULA: Cute?!?! It’s disgusting! Don’t expect me to do any cuddling with that orange menace on the bed! I’m staying on the bedside table where it’s safe!

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A Catnapping Tortie

We had 10 inches of snow yesterday and it started snowing again just now but all is well with the world when you’re sitting next to a sleeping tortie!


I mean is there anything cuter?!?!

oh oh! A woken up tortie is more dangerous than cute

AMARULA: That’s the smartest thing you’ve said all day! Who dares to wake a sleeping tortie? Now let me get back to my beauty sleep (though I clearly don’t need it)

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