In The Doghouse: Hitting Rock Bottom

AMARULA: So the human is a little miffed with Frodo who has been grounded indoors until he learns what areas of the backyard he is supposed to stay away from! Hee Hee Hee! So it started something like this…I noticed Frodo hanging out in the backyard staring longingly at the rock garden area that the human has declared a no-go zone until her rock garden plants take root.




AMARULA: Hey there Frodo? Whatcha doing? Why are you sitting here so close to the rock garden? Why not go take a look?

FRODO: Mom and Zulu said I’m not supposed to Amarula! They’re worried I will dig up all the seeds and baby plants!

AMARULA: What!! As if you could ever hurt a baby! Come on, I’ll go with you. It can’t hurt to take a little look can it?

otta here

FRODO: Well that sure sounds like a good idea Amarula!! What could it hurt!?

AMARULA: What indeed??!! Let’s go!

have a plan

AMARULA: Now you take a good look around Frodo! Don’t be afraid to really dig stuff up. I’ll just stay here out of sight in the shade so you can have all the fun cause that’s just the kinda cat I am!!

FRODO: Boy! Gosh oh golly Amarula you sure are a swell friend!



AMARULA: That’s right Frodo! Make yourself at home! Become one with the rocks!!


somethingin the rocks

FRODO: Oh Boy this is soooooooooooooo fun!



FRODO: WOW! I wonder what is hiding in between all these rocks!

AMARULA: That’s right Frodo, stick your head right in there! Think of all the exciting things you will find!



FRODO: OH no Amarula! I think I’m stuck!! Help!

AMARULA: Don’t you worry there Frodo, I see the human making a beeline for you right this minute!! And she doesn’t look happy! Mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha!




In the Doghouse: More Trouble in the Catnip Patch!


AMARULA: Stop me if this sounds familiar: So a little while ago, Zulu walked by the Human with this little item on his back.


AMARULA: Take a closer look! That’s right, it’s a big piece of peppermint from the human’s garden! I wonder how that got there?! It goes something like this…


AMARULA: What are you doing there Zulu?


ZULU: Just playing with the ‘nip


AMARULA: Wouldn’t you much rather play in that big pile of cat nip behind you?


ZULU: Wow! That is one big pile of cat nip!

AMARULA: Well you play in that pile and I will play in this much smaller one here. That is just how wonderful and generous I am!


ZULU: That sure doesn’t sound like you Amarula! What are you up to?

AMARULA: You wound me Zulu! I am just trying to learn to share!


ZULU: Well it sure is tempting…

AMARULA: Come on! It will be fun!


ZULU: OK I’m going in!


ZULU: I am still a little uneasy about this…

peppermint now

Peppermint bush one hour later…


ZULU: OH oh! Mom is looking at me and she doesn’t look happy!

AMARULA: Mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha!








In the Doghouse: Dishing the Dirt with Frodo and Zulu!

AMARULA: So a little while ago, Frodo walked by the Human looking like this:


Well, as you can imagine this alarmed the human significantly as her sister had just moments ago dropped off a plant that the Human was in charge of looking after while her sister went on vacation.

How did Frodo get into this mess you may wonder? Well I may have played a tiny part…naturally, being the well-behaved cat that I am, when the plant arrived, I called Frodo over and our conversation went something like this:

AMARULA: Frodo come over here and see the new bed the Human got you!

FRODO: Oh Boy! Oh Boy!! For me!? It sure is comfy! Thanks so much for letting me know Amarula. Zulu always says not to trust you but I think you are swell!


AMARULA: Now the Human wants to see you enjoying yourself so make sure you really dig around in the dirt and “make it your own” as they say.

FRODO: Gosh golly this is soooooooooooooooooooooo exciting. I love digging!

plant proof 1

AMARULA: In fact, I think I heard the Human mention something about treats being buried in the dirt so you better check!

FRODO: Oh I will! I will check Amarula and I will be sure to share with you and Zulu! I so hope they are chicken treats!


FRODO: Are you sure there are treats in here Amarula cause I sure can’t find any.

AMARULA: Would I steer you wrong? You just need to dig harder.

FRODO: Okey Dokey!!


FRODO: All this digging is so tiring!


AMARULA: You’re right it is a lot of hard work! You better get Zulu to help.

FRODO: You are so smart Amarula! Thanks!

ZULU: Hey! Why didn’t I get a new bed? I wonder if the earthy smell of dirt will make me smell more attractive to the ladies! Let’s dig Frodo…



AMARULA: So let’s just say that Zulu and Frodo are not getting any bedtime treats tonight! They are soooooooo in the doghouse! Hee hee! I love being an evil genius!