Amarula’s Reputation is Ruined

Amarula doesn’t like people to know about her softer side but she loves lying beside me on the bed as I read

AMARULA: You better not be writing about how cute I am! You know how I hate that. I am not lying beside you, I just had a fainting spell and it’s taking me awhile to recover. The fact that it happened beside you is nothing more than a coincidence.

AMARULA: My reputation is never going to recover!

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Winter Weight

FRODO: This is the first time in my outdoor tent since last summer!

FRODO: For some reason it seems a little smaller than last year! Or am I just larger?

FRODO: OK I admit it. My tummy may seem a little bigger than last year. Mom says I gained a little winter weight. But I keep telling her that it’s not that my tummy got bigger, it’s that my head shrunk a little and thus makes my tum tum look larger!! So far she’s not buying it!

We’re doing the blog hop from Comedyplus!