Selfie Sunday: Winter…It’s Back!!!!


AMARULA: This is wonderful! The best March ever! Record breaking warm temperatures! I can start going outside again and resume terrorizing the neighborhood…no more locked in the house, trapped with those nincompoops Zulu and Frodo! There is a God! Yippee!!


AMARULA: What the H@!#??… It’s back?!…Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

This is Amarula’s Selfie Sunday!

Frodo’s Sad Selfie Sunday


Frodo, who is pretty much one of the happiest cats in the world all of the time, is feeling blue this Sunday. He’s finding it hard to get out of bed as he’s overwhelmed with the sad news about Fiona going to the Rainbow Bridge. And the loss of Sammy, Treasure and Easy is just making everything too much for the little guy. He’ll open his eyes again in a few hours and see if he is ready to greet the day.

This is my Selfie Sunday for the blog hop (hosted by The Cat on My Head)

Selfie Sunday: I’m Ready For My Close-Up!

ZULU: As promised, you get to bask in my beauty dear readers! I even put on my special collar for this photo shoot!


ZULU: Don’t be shy! Come closer, you’re too far away.


ZULU: Come on, closer…


ZULU: That’s right….a little closer…


ZULU: Too close! TOO CLOSE!


ZULU: Perfect!

This is my Selfie Sunday for the blog hop (hosted by The Cat on My Head)