The Art of Hugging



AMARULA: Due to his youth and inexperience (i.e. he has yet to experience my claws of death because of my lady-like restraint) Frodo has tried to hug me on several occasions. I can usually tell when he is getting this death-wish idea into his head because his eyes glaze over (although frankly, glazed-over is pretty much Frodo’s normal state of being). In fact, he appears to have such a look at this very moment….



FRODO: Amarulaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, come and play……



AMARULA: Now, because I am the mature one and just had my nails clipped abhor violence, I am simply going to ignore the wretch and take the long way around



FRODO: Amarula………I’m watching you….


FRODO: Come on…just one little hug….

AMARULA: I feel this is not going to end well for either of us…


AMARULA: I see that look in your eyes…don’t do it Frodo…Frodo…



AMARULA: Arrrgggghhh……………………..

FRODO: Gotcha! See isn’t this fun!!? Amarula you are just the best hugger ever!






Forbidden Love



ZULU: What are you doing Frodo? You’ve been staring at that swan for hours!

FRODO: I’m in love! I know the feeling is mutual cause she just can’t keep her eyes off me! She just keeps staring. She is dumbstruck with loooooooooove


ZULU: The word “dumb” might certainly factor in here…

FRODO: Isn’t she beautiful? She doesn’t say much but that’s OK cause we speak volumes with our eyes.

its the chippy right

ZULU: And have your eyes noticed that that is mom’s cement swan? Cement, Frodo, aka not real!

FRODO: Zulu! How dare you accuse her of not being real and genuine! Our love is the real deal! Though I guess if I am honest, I have been feeling lately like things are not right between us…like there may be someone else…what’s that over there in the bushes…


FRODO: A chipmunk!! My heart is broken! I can never compete with a mammal with such full cheeks and gorgeous stripes!

ZULU: Then you definitely don’t want to know about the bunny that has been given her the eye!









Bath Time: Looking Good for the Ladies!



FRODO: Big brother Zulu says I must pay lots of attention to my grooming cause it’s important for me to look good for the ladies.


FRODO: He says though I will clearly never be as good looking as him, I can do the best with what I’ve got!

wellwhat do you think

FRODO: Well, what do you think ladies? How do I look?


FRODO: Oops missed a spot!






The Feline Solution to Any Problem: Take A Nap

FRODO: As you know my efforts to get out-and-about and explore the backyard in my harness did not quite go as I had planned. I spent most of the afternoon hiding under the deck stairs.


But not to fear! I am going to recharge my bravery with a power nap and get right back out there! There is nothing like a siesta to put the LION back in FELION (at least that’s how I spells it)! Just watch me recharge!

findingtherightposition1 naptimeafterventuringoutside



Oh Yeah! I’m almost ready to head outside again! Hear me roar! I sure am a brave FELION!



Frodo’s Feline Life Lessons: Look on the Warm Side of Winter

FRODO: Well this is my first winter and I gotta tell you I think it’s terrific! Now I know that Amarula hates Canadian winters but I think that’s just because–between you and me–she can be a bit of a nay-sayer! She tends not to look on the positive side of things. Since the temperature has dropped, mom has started using this indoor fire contraption that I think is just the cat’s pajamas! It’s like having your very own personal sunbeam in the house! Now I am new to this whole indoor, boxed sunbeam thingy, but I have learned a thing or two about how to get the most out of the clever contraption. It’s all about positioning…

  1. Firstly, before jumping into that comfy looking basket, I’ve found that it’s better to get started slowly…one body part at a time to be sure not to get overheated! First the back:

cat enjoyment fireplace 1

2. Then the toes:

cat enjoyment fireplace 2

3. Next the tummy (which gives you an excuse for a good stretch!):

cat enjoyment fireplace 3

4. Finally, just let it all hang loose…become one with the fire…

cat enjoyment fireplace 4

5. Now that you’ve got a good “base” warmth going on, it’s time to move to the basket. But don’t let the lure of the comfy cat bed distract you from your primary objective: keeping as much of your body by the fire as possible:


6. Don’t forget to lift up your arms to get your armpits in on the warmth:


7. Now comes my favorite part: invite a friend to join in on the fun!


8. Not only does a friend make a fire more enjoyable, but they also provide additional body warmth:


9. Sometimes if you’re really, really lucky, they’ll even give you a fireside bath!


10. Yeah! I don’t know what Amarula is talking about, I love winter!