A Sad Selfie Sunday

AMARULA: This selfie is of me looking wistfully towards the heavens because I just received the sad news of the mighty Punapippuri, King Kitty Cat of Finlands passing. Please visit the website to pass on your condolences. He was deeply loved. We will all miss his antics. Seems like we have been losing a lot of friends recently.

This is Amarula’s Sunday Selfie for The Cat On My Head Sunday Blog Hop!

Caturday Art: The Art of A Hug

This is taken from yesterday’s post of Amarula getting a hug from Frodo (and thanks to all of you who went to fellow cat blogger Frimousse’s site to pass on condolences about the loss of RouXy! I know he appreciated it)

Frodo and Amarula hugging is a rare site so I thought I would immortalize it through art!

This is with Dreamscope’s tree filter. It’s a little melancholic:

This is with Lunapic’s Nouveau filter, which is much less somber!

The originals:

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop!

Farewell To A Feline Friend: A Hug in Honor of RouXy

It is with a heavy heart that we heard that RouXy, our feline friend who lives in France, went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Frodo, Zulu and Amarula had just met him recently but he seemed like a wonderful, spirited cat. He only had 3 legs because when he was young he got caught in a leg hold trap for 24 hours. Luckily he was found but he lost the leg — though that never slowed him down! His best feline friend Frimousse is sure to miss him.  I am sure the family would appreciate any kind words. The blog is in French and English. Here is the link.

AMARULA: Just leave me alone today Frodo, I am feeling very sad about the loss of RouXy.

FRODO: I’m sad too. Do you know what I think we both need…


FRODO: A hug!

AMARULA: Oh Brother!

FRODO: Do you feel better yet?

AMARULA: Yep. You can let go anytime!

FRODO: Do you think RouXy is with our beloved brother Biltong?

AMARULA: Yeah I sure do Frodo. We will miss you RouXy! Frodo, it’s OK if you want to hug me for just a little longer…



Frodo’s Sad Selfie Sunday


Frodo, who is pretty much one of the happiest cats in the world all of the time, is feeling blue this Sunday. He’s finding it hard to get out of bed as he’s overwhelmed with the sad news about Fiona going to the Rainbow Bridge. And the loss of Sammy, Treasure and Easy is just making everything too much for the little guy. He’ll open his eyes again in a few hours and see if he is ready to greet the day.

This is my Selfie Sunday for the blog hop (hosted by The Cat on My Head)

Adjusting to Life Without Biltong

AMARULA: Well, as you know, Biltong recently passed away. Though I had my issues with the little guy, I must admit that his presence is sorely missed. Normally, I have been able to get over feeling blue by indulging in escapist TV or books. Presently, I’m reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (a favorite of mine despite the serious lack of feline leads). But even reading can’t seem help me shake off my melancholy.


I can’t seem to muster the energy for play time either.

ami depressed

I just spend all day staring up at the ceiling and pondering the meaning of life.

sleeping ami

ZULU: For once, Amarula and I are on the same page. I am desperately lonely without my best friend Biltong. I hate sleeping alone.


I just want to hide from the world

zulu bag

Even sunbeams have lots their warmth!

sunbeams not warm

For a glorious second I thought I spotted Biltong. The creature had the same open, friendly demeanor and surplus of drool as Little B’, but alas it was only a baby human.



Amarula and I even find ourselves reluctantly spending time together just cause we are so discombobulated! Sigh! We all miss you Biltong!

2 funny collars




RIP Biltong the Cat, Very loved and Dearly Missed


ZULU and AMARULA: We are overwrought to announce that Biltong passed away a few days ago from kidney disease. The sadness seems unbearable. It is as though someone has taken away all of our  sunshine.


He was only three years old. Mom is heartsick. She used to love when he would “help” her work at the computer.


ZULU and AMARULA: There are a million reasons we all loved him but here are just a few:

ZULU: He was the best cuddler and hugger in the world!



ZULU: I will miss the way he used to love eating while warming his bum by the vent. It took so little to make Little B happy.


ZULU: All he needed to be content was his favorite toy, a sunbeam and a warm cuddle.

seriously just try to take away my toy




cats in box 2

Bask in your success





ZULU: He was so brave! He never gave up on trying to make AMARULA love him (AMARULA: It worked cause I finally came around and did –begrudgingly–love him)


ZULU: And he was obsessed with packing peanuts!

biltong after playing with styrofoam peanuts1

biltong and styro peanuts 2


ZULU: He was always ready to laugh (especially if it was at Amarula!)



ZULU: I always admired his ability to sleep virtually anywhere and in any position!

billy twisted 2

co-worker close up


ZULU: I will miss washing him, too!


ZULU: He was my big brother and he always took care of me. He is irreplaceablezuandbilkittens kittens zuluandb


ZULU: I love you Biltong!


AMARULA: Though I like to tease the little bugger. I will also miss him terribly. I will even miss his hug attacks.



AMARULA: What do you say if just this once Zulu, I let you cuddle with me.



We can find some solace in knowing that the little imp has gone to be reunited with Charlie the basset hound and all of Mom’s beloved pets who have gone to the rainbow bridge.



The house (and litter box) will be so empty without you Biltong. Be well little guy. Bless you.





Biltong is Sick

AMARULA: I know I joke a lot about the kittens, but I kinda like those dolts (after all who would I laugh at if I didn’t have those two to make fun of) and I was sad when the Human told me that Biltong (aka Billy) has been hospitalized for kidney disease.

Poor guy:


Apparently something called his Urea and Creatine were through the roof! And he has just only turned three years old! The Human is very sad and worried. I hope the hospitalization works to make him a little better and buy him some time.

ZULU: “Do you think Biltong is going to be OK Amarula?”
AMARULA: “I sure hope so Zulu. ”

ZULU: “Can I sit beside you and look out the window while we wait for him and mom (aka the Human) to come back from the animal hospital?”
AMARULA: “Alright. Just this once I promise not to push you off.”

ama and zululooking outside

Biltong has Feline Kidney Disease


BILTONG: Mom noticed that I was drinking a lot of water recently so she took me to the vet to get a check-up and it turns out I have  kidney disease. I am only three years old! Mom is very sad and finds it hard to talk about cause the doctor said it was already very advanced and I must have been born with very bad kidneys. So I am sleeping a lot now and mom is giving me subcutaneous fluids every two days.

co-worker close up

billy twisted 2

I don’t like the fluids at all and find it hard to stay still so mom can’t get a photo of me but she did take a photo of how funny I look after I get the fluids. Mom says they make me look very muscular and chesty!
fluds billy

Even though I am not feeling at my best I still find the energy to chase balls with my brother Zulu:
chase pompoms

Even Amarula is feeling sorry for me and is letting me hang out with her!

So send out positive vibes everyone!