Zulu’s Guide To Stretching

ZULU: Hi loyal fans and lady cats! Last week Amarula bored you with her summer slimming routine (clearly, it’s not even very effective if you know what I mean). And Frodo showed you his anti-gravity workout as well. So this week I want to show you how I keep myself so lithe and good-looking with stretches.

ZULU: First start with a basic easy open arm stretch that I like to call “Welcoming the sunpuddle.”

ZULU: Then move on to this more advanced move where you curl your toes and yet stretch out your nails as far as possible while twisted into a backwards half circle.

ZULU: Now push one back leg and one front leg as far apart as possible (this move can be facilitated by snorting copious amounts of cat nip 10 minutes before hand—-the herb really stimulates flexibility!)

ZULU: Now roar to the world what a ferocious feline you are! My favorite mantra is “I am Zulu the Great and Gorgeous!”

ZULU: End by striking a cute pose and pausing long enough so that your human can admire how beautiful and clever you are. Belly rubs are optional…

ZULU:…but are always appreciated!

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Amarula’s Summer Slimming Workout

AMARULA: Often my fans (and I have many) ask me how I look so good and maintain such a striking physique. Aside from just being born so good looking, another important factor is my summer outdoor exercise regime, which I am going to share with you today. So get your pens and paper ready…here we go…watch and learn!

AMARULA: First you roll to the left.

AMARULA: Once there, you stretch your paws way out. It’s important to keep your front legs and paws flexible in order to beat up Frodo protect yourself from any annoyances or dangers.

AMARULA: Once you’ve reached your full stretch you cry out to the world your mantra. Mine is: “I am TORTIE! Hear me roar!”

AMARULA: Then you just roll over to your right and repeat the whole thing over again!

AMARULA: Complete your workout with a well earned nap! Be warned dear listeners…no matter how much you workout it’s important not to have unrealistic expectations. In other words…you’ll never look as good as me no matter how much exercise you do!

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Stop, Look, Listen…and Ignore

AMARULA: Oh yes human. I am listening to the details of your day with rapt attention. Do tell. Do tell.

AMARULA: Just wake me up when your exciting tale is over. And has anyone ever told you that you make a better door than a window!? Now move out of the way of my sunbeams!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. If someone were visiting my area, I would recommend a visit to my backyard bird feeder. Though the little buggers have thus far eluded my grasp, I bet it’s the best restaurant in town.
  2. My favorite room in my home is any room where Frodo and Zulu are not.
  3. Back-to-school time makes me think of the peace that will return to my kingdom once all those screaming little humans have gone back to their September prisons.
  4. My favorite year of school was…School! I didn’t go to school. I school others in the ways of Tortietude!! And the teacher is always in!


Zulu Gets Boxed Into A Corner

ZULU: As you may remember from this post, I am not really a cat who likes boxes. I can just never get comfy.

ZULU: But when I see Frodo looking so cozy I just have to get myself into the box with him! But it took a lot of tries to get situated just right….

ZULU: Almost but not quite….

ZULU: I’ll have to try another pass…

ZULU: This is more complicated than it looks!

ZULU: Finally! And While I’m here let me give you a quick bath Frodo!

ZULU: Perfect! Now time for a lovely nap! Hey, is it just me or does this box make my bum look big? Have a great Monday everyone!

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Amarula and the Dangers of Too Much Catnip

Amarula always gets a little amorous when she spends too much time in the catnip patch! Clearly she really overindulged for her to be so friendly with Frodo!

FRODO: I knew this day would come!!

FRODO: Amarula really does love me!!

AMARULA: What the heck just happened here??! I hope that stupid human didn’t have her camera. I gotta stop overindulging in the ‘nip!

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