It’s the Best Time of The Year

It’s catio time!

Interestingly, Frodo is the kitty who uses the catio the most. Zulu only uses it in the morning when he goes all the way to the bottom to eat grass and then throws it up right before breakfast (thanks Zulu!) otherwise he doesn’t use it very much. Amarula only uses it when I am traveling (the cat sitter keeps the catio open for them during the day since they are not allowed outside without me around to supervise) but Frodo uses it ALL THE TIME! He loves it.

And this is one of his fav places to sun himself

Life doesn’t get much better, right Frodo?

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Ignorance is Bliss?

I’ve got a problem. This is Zulu’s favorite table to sleep on (or under, to be more accurate) and it is really on its last legs.

I think it won’t last the summer.  Certainly it won’t make it to next year. And I have not been able to find another 2-tier table like it.

But ZULU loves it so much!

It gives him shade but he can pop his head out when he wants more sun. So should I tell him about the impending demise of his table or just let him enjoy his last summer with it?

Maybe ignorance is bliss?

We’re doing the blog hop from Comedyplus!

Brotherly Love

Frodo and Zulu usually get along very well but every once in awhile Frodo gets to be too much with his constant need for attention and affection and he just won’t leave Zulu alone. When this happens Zulu gets this look in his eyes and I know he’s about to put Frodo in his place. A few minutes later they are back to washing each other!

ZULU: Come on mom. I love the guy but even you have to admit he can get to be too much sometimes! A big brother’s job is to keep a younger brother in his place!

FRODO: Even I have to admit Zulu is right. I can sometimes be too much of a good thing!

We’re doing the blog hop from Comedyplus!