An Owl Family Comes To Visit

I know this blog is supposed to be about my kitties but the most amazing thing happened over the weekend. A family of 5 eastern screech owls (2 parents and 3 babies) hung out in my neighbour’s backyard for two days! It was one of the best nature experiences I have ever had (the cats weren’t nearly as excited because I pretty much ignored them for 2 days!) Here are some photos

Baby Owl

All three baby owls

Mom or dad

Mom or dad


Mom or dad

Baby screech owls at dusk about to get hunting lessons from parents!

What an incredible once in a lifetime experience!

I promise the cats will be back next week!

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Frodo Crashes The Party

AMARULA: Zulu you are too close to me. Go away. And you’re making a spectacle of yourself. Where’ s your dignity?

ZULU: Dignity goes out the window when I am playing in my catnip patch!

AMARULA: And now your tail is actually touching mine! Get hold of yourself man!

ZULU: You really are no fun!

AMARULA: Do you see what I have to put up with!? Could this day possibly get any worse?

FRODO: Hey are you guys having a catnip patch party without me?! Move over, I am coming in!

FRODO: Let’s get this party started!

ZULU: Yahoo!

AMARULA: Nooooo!

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Let Me Out!

Sunny weather is here and Frodo wants out!

FRODO: Let me out please! I’m ready for some supervised outdoor time!

FRODO: What’s taking so long? Let me show you how it’s done!

FRODO: Almost…

FRODO: Got it! Sunshine here I come!

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A Step In The Wrong Direction

What could Amarula be waiting for….

AMARULA: I see you Zulu. I’m claiming the main floor as a ZULU free zone so I would not take another step if I were you!

ZULU: Out of my way Amarula! I’m coming down

AMARULA: Do I look like I am joking? Torties don’t joke.

ZULU: I hate it when you decide to assert your tortietude!

AMARULA: I am willing to be reasonable and will let you back on to the main floor for three cans of tuna and the password to your Amazon account.

ZULU: Pfffffffff!

AMARULA: I declare the main floor a totalitarian state with me as its leader! Long live the reign of the tortie!

ZULU: Mom! Amarula has been at the catnip again! A little help here please!


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Amarula’s Sweet Side!

Amarula may pretend to be tough but she’s got a real big soft side and loves to lie with her paw on my arm as I write!

AMARULA: (Little does she know I keep my paw here to encourage her to keep working and not take breaks! How else are we going to be able to afford all my favourite expensive treats if she doesn’t work twelve hour days! I am a real task master!)

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Is It Spring Yet?

FRODO and ZULU: Yeah! Spring is here and we am sure this snow will disappear any second!

AMARULA: Amateurs! I’m staying right here close to the door ready to run in as soon as the snow starts! Those idiots don’t realize that as soon as you say “spring has arrived” Mother Nature sends you another snow storm!

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