Play-Doh Returns For Another Visit

AMARULA: I heard the human throw the cat food bag down the back stairs. I ran because she always lets me lick the bag before she puts it in the trash but what did I see?? That neighborhood menace Play-Doh  had the same idea!

AMARULA: Looks like it was gonna be a show-down….

AMARULA: But as I had just given myself an extensive bath, I decided to let the nincompoop have it! But the human really must do something to ensure the neighbor’s cat ceases his trespassing!

AMARULA: He then went into MY catnip patch!

AMARULA: And he proceeded to roll around and have way too much fun!

AMARULA: Naturally, Zulu (aka fraidy cat) sat on the porch and observed Play-Doh with a mixture of fear and interest.

AMARULA: The Creamsicle Cretin, as to be expected, was ecstatic that Play-Doh had returned for a visit.

AMARULA: And they spent the day together smelling catnip! Won’t someone save me from this madness!??

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Being The Boss Is Hard Work

AMARULA: Why am I napping you might ask? Because I have spent the day overseeing the construction of the neighbor’s deck…and it does NOT meet with my approval. They refused to take any of my suggestions!

AMARULA: Where are the scratching posts? Where is the flat-screen TV to watch my favorite Garfield reruns?

AMARULA: And where are the private alcoves for litter boxes?

AMARULA: Humans just have no sense of aesthetics and decor!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 70: September 8, 2017

  1. September bucket list:  1) torment Frodo, 2)  torment Zulu , 3) repeat 1 and 2
    2. If I came with a warning label, it would say something along the lines of that quote by Joanne Clancy — ‘Be the kind of woman feline who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says Oh, no! She’s up.’
  2. Truth be told, what is this thing you call Truth?? Sounds like something I would eat for breakfast!
  3. I would rather give up Friskies tuna treats for a week then endure another Canadian snow-filled winter!


Mancat Monday: Frodo’s Love is Back!

AMARULA: You may remember that last year we had a serious trespasser in MY backyard domain: Play-doh. Frodo promptly fell in love with Play-Doh (who belongs to the neighbor and who we have since discovered is a male cat…but I don’t plan to tell Frodo that…Frodo falls in love at the drop of a hat. I don’t think gender is of concern to him). Well, reader you will be happy to know that I have not seen the miscreant this summer. I have been patrolling my domain and you can rest easy knowing that we will not have to run into that troublemaker….


Are you so sure Amarula?

FRODO: Well, I know my big sis Amarula was never a fan but I sure miss my good pal Play-Doh. I wonder what she is up to?

AMARULA: Play-Doh! Noooooooooooooooooooo! I give up! I am outta here!

FRODO: Is that really you Play-Doh!?

FRODO: Yeah! It is you! Yippee! Let’s play!

FRODO: What do you mean you have to go already?

FRODO: Well, then give me a kiss goodbye!

FRODO: And then off Play-Doh went through the fence to her side of the world.

FRODO: Come again soon!

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Zulu’s Guide To Stretching

ZULU: Hi loyal fans and lady cats! Last week Amarula bored you with her summer slimming routine (clearly, it’s not even very effective if you know what I mean). And Frodo showed you his anti-gravity workout as well. So this week I want to show you how I keep myself so lithe and good-looking with stretches.

ZULU: First start with a basic easy open arm stretch that I like to call “Welcoming the sunpuddle.”

ZULU: Then move on to this more advanced move where you curl your toes and yet stretch out your nails as far as possible while twisted into a backwards half circle.

ZULU: Now push one back leg and one front leg as far apart as possible (this move can be facilitated by snorting copious amounts of cat nip 10 minutes before hand—-the herb really stimulates flexibility!)

ZULU: Now roar to the world what a ferocious feline you are! My favorite mantra is “I am Zulu the Great and Gorgeous!”

ZULU: End by striking a cute pose and pausing long enough so that your human can admire how beautiful and clever you are. Belly rubs are optional…

ZULU:…but are always appreciated!

And we are doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!