Zulu’s Lessons In SunPuddle Bathing


ZULU: With the weather taking a sad turn towards the lower end of the temperature gauge, you can be sure that means us felines will be spending more time indoors and less time on supervised outdoor visits! Therefore, it’s absolutely vital to take full advantage of indoor sunpuddles. While Amarula would tell you otherwise (and Frodo, who is so easily manipulated by that devious diva, would likely agree!) it’s actually I, Zulu, who is the brains (and the beauty, come to think of it!) of this operation! So I will take it upon myself to educate all my fur-bearing brothers and sisters about the proper techniques of sunpuddle bathing!


ZULU: First you do your back. This is the most obvious position and the one most of my feline brethren tend to rely on the most.


ZULU: Now this is where things can get more complicated. You gotta then tilt ever so slightly to your right to do your right side.


ZULU: Now you ever so elegantly move so that your left side is now exposed to the sunpuddle. Some concentration will be required to properly execute this position.


ZULU: Now, the final position. This is one many felines forget. The tummy must also be allowed to enjoy the warmth of the sunpuddle. A warm belly can go very far in aiding digestion and help eliminate issues with an upset stomach and gas (I’m talking to you Amarula!). This position is an advanced maneuver and requires dexterity but just be sure to engage your stomach muscles!

ZULU: Now let’s move on to the proper way to groom…

AMARULA: Shut up Zulu! How dare you suggest I have gas! Nobody cares about your stupid lessons on anything! Now be quiet so I can do my Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 30: December 2, 2016

  1. I have a hard time finding a gift for ….wait a minute…I’m gonna need somebody to explain what this sentence means…it seems to suggest that I would actually buy someone else a gift?? It makes no sense…I am a RECEIVER of gifts…definitely not a GIVER!


  1. I have no problem finding a gift for …Geesh! Again with the gift giving! Please refer to my response to number 1! Repeating myself makes me want to scratch someone…..


  1. One of the best gifts I ever gave was….OK For the last time!…Please refer to responses 1 and 2 above! Gosh! What is it with these humans and gift GIVING!?


  1. One of the best gifts I ever received was…OK! Finally! Now we’re speaking my language! Gift RECEIVING!! Well, it is hard to narrow it down to ONE gift as my minions do love to shower me with presents in hopes that I will allow them to bask in my presence. I would have to say it was the day the human (who usually shows a distinct lack of serious concern for my myriad needs) took both Zulu and Frodo to the vet at the same time for their annual visit. I was able to enjoy a precious few hours on my own. It was divine! The best gift the human could give me!


AMARULA: On a more serious note, though Frodo, Zulu and I did not know Sammy or Easy well, we wanted to say our thoughts are with your humans as you both head to the Rainbow bridge. And if I could invite Sammy to fly with me anywhere it would be to my backyard, which I think is the best place in the whole world! I’ve left a spot right beside me for you to come join me whenever you want!


If I close my eyes just a little and squint really hard, I think I can see Sammy and Easy head together towards the bridge!



On a more serious note. Though we did not know


18 thoughts on “Zulu’s Lessons In SunPuddle Bathing”

  1. MY heart breaks for Sammy’s Mom, he was an amazing boy and would love your yard. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, sorry the questions were not cat friendly. I thought kitties loved to give gifts- furballs, mice, birds, etc. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the sun puddle.

  2. Clearly, dear Zulu, you are a great master at sunpuddling. We particularly like it when the sun shines on the back of our ears, like it does with yours. Mmmm, warm ears. Great fill-ins this week and what a wonderful spot to share with Easy and Sammy.

  3. MeOW Zulu, those sunpuddles look amazin’. We don’t have any in our house, ever. Can you believe it, no sunpuddles? Alas…Anyways, we lay under da daylight lamp some. It’s just not da same we think. But hey, we’ve never had a sun puddle so we wouldn’t really know. MOL Luv your answers Amarula. But we do luv to give too. We don’t have like money, but we’re always willin; to share our toys, noms, treats, or whatever we do have. As a matter of fact, we’re sendin’ ya’ll big kitty hugs right now. 🙂

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  4. We love your method of sun bathing – I rotate my body in the sun too. one must toast each side the same. he he Loved your answers to those tough questions. I never give gifts either, but M & D give me prezzies.


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