Play-Doh Returns For Another Visit

AMARULA: I heard the human throw the cat food bag down the back stairs. I ran because she always lets me lick the bag before she puts it in the trash but what did I see?? That neighborhood menace Play-Doh  had the same idea!

AMARULA: Looks like it was gonna be a show-down….

AMARULA: But as I had just given myself an extensive bath, I decided to let the nincompoop have it! But the human really must do something to ensure the neighbor’s cat ceases his trespassing!

AMARULA: He then went into MY catnip patch!

AMARULA: And he proceeded to roll around and have way too much fun!

AMARULA: Naturally, Zulu (aka fraidy cat) sat on the porch and observed Play-Doh with a mixture of fear and interest.

AMARULA: The Creamsicle Cretin, as to be expected, was ecstatic that Play-Doh had returned for a visit.

AMARULA: And they spent the day together smelling catnip! Won’t someone save me from this madness!??

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Being The Boss Is Hard Work

AMARULA: Why am I napping you might ask? Because I have spent the day overseeing the construction of the neighbor’s deck…and it does NOT meet with my approval. They refused to take any of my suggestions!

AMARULA: Where are the scratching posts? Where is the flat-screen TV to watch my favorite Garfield reruns?

AMARULA: And where are the private alcoves for litter boxes?

AMARULA: Humans just have no sense of aesthetics and decor!

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Week 70: September 8, 2017

  1. September bucket list:  1) torment Frodo, 2)  torment Zulu , 3) repeat 1 and 2
    2. If I came with a warning label, it would say something along the lines of that quote by Joanne Clancy — ‘Be the kind of woman feline who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says Oh, no! She’s up.’
  2. Truth be told, what is this thing you call Truth?? Sounds like something I would eat for breakfast!
  3. I would rather give up Friskies tuna treats for a week then endure another Canadian snow-filled winter!


Amarula’s Summer Slimming Workout

AMARULA: Often my fans (and I have many) ask me how I look so good and maintain such a striking physique. Aside from just being born so good looking, another important factor is my summer outdoor exercise regime, which I am going to share with you today. So get your pens and paper ready…here we go…watch and learn!

AMARULA: First you roll to the left.

AMARULA: Once there, you stretch your paws way out. It’s important to keep your front legs and paws flexible in order to beat up Frodo protect yourself from any annoyances or dangers.

AMARULA: Once you’ve reached your full stretch you cry out to the world your mantra. Mine is: “I am TORTIE! Hear me roar!”

AMARULA: Then you just roll over to your right and repeat the whole thing over again!

AMARULA: Complete your workout with a well earned nap! Be warned dear listeners…no matter how much you workout it’s important not to have unrealistic expectations. In other words…you’ll never look as good as me no matter how much exercise you do!

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The Tender Side Of Amarula: Chin Scratches and Tummy Rubs!


Amarula would not want any of you to know this but–despite how she acts around Zulu and Frodo and how “ferocious” she likes to appear even regarding “the Human”–she is a very tender cat. One of her favorite things in the world is for me to hold her in my lap with her tummy exposed while she gets tummy rubs or chin scritches.

She especially loves when she gets tummy scratches while sitting with me outside watching the squirrels.

She positively melts when I rub her chin!

AMARULA: Hey! You’re not photographing this are you? I have a reputation to uphold!

Shhhhh. Don’t tell Amarula you know her secret!

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Amarula and Zulu: New Best Friends?

ZULU: Hey Amarula. What ya doing in there? Come out and play.

AMARULA: No! Leave me alone. I am busy sulking because the Human refuses to get rid of that stupid puppy Busy! He is the bane of my existence.


ZULU: I thought Frodo and I were the bane of your existence?

AMARULA: You are! My enemies are legion!

ZULU: You know that Busy went back to his owners a few days ago, right?

AMARULA: What did just say?!?!

AMARULA: Why was I not informed the dog left!? I have been hanging out with you in this room cause I thought the puppy was still here!

ZULU: But hasn’t this bonding time been nice, oh ill-tempered tortie?

AMARULA: Only if by nice you mean torture! I am outta here!

ZULU: Come on! Don’t leave angry! Come play.

AMARULA: I can’t even look at you right now!

AMARULA: Human! Look me in the eyes and promise me you will never take in another puppy!!

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Selfie Sunday: I Am Not In the Mood!

AMARULA: As long as that hideous creature Busy continues to trespass in my territory you will get no happy selfies from me! (Thank God he goes home in a few days!)

AMARULA: The nincompoop doesn’t even notice my death stares!

AMARULA: But I will happily show off my fluffy tail of terror (which the idiot also ignores)!

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Zulu and Amarula: Working Together To Destroy A Common Enemy?

ZULU: Doh…dee…doh…Busy the puppy is having a nap so I can come out of the basement and …wink…wink…spend time with my ladies! You know who you are…

AMARULA: There you are Zulu! I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I can’t believe I am saying this but I need your help!

ZULU: What?!?! Have you been into the extra-strength catnip again you Tortie Terror?

AMARULA: No you idiot! We have to get rid of that puppy Busy! Look behind me.

AMARULA: Do you see that big box with the “Caution Heavy” stickers on it?  (Thank God for the human’s addiction to Amazon) I have devised a plan to lure the puppy here and we can both push it over so it lands on him (whispering…and if it lands on Frodo too even better!)…hold on…wait a minute…what is he doing here…

AMARULA: FRODO! Get out of here! Be gone foul demon! I blame you and your overly loving personality for this puppy mess!

ZULU: Boy did you send Frodo running! Look Amarula, as much as I agree that dog has to go, I am occupied at the moment trying to pose charmingly for the camera! Speaking of my good looks…do you think this pillow makes me looks fat?

AMARULA: Oh Brother!! Why do I even bother!? I can’t believe you Zulu!

ZULU: So just to be clear….is that a yes or no on the pillow making me look fat?

AMARULA: Do you see what I am dealing with here? I think I have changed my mind about who I am going to push that box onto!

AMARULA: I can’t even look at you right now!

ZULU: Really? That’s too bad cause I am looking incredibly cute….

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 51: April 28, 2017

  1. A book I would like to see made into a movie is my life story. Granted I have not written it yet but clearly with my intelligence and penchant for drama, as well as my mystique, it would clearly be a bestseller.
  2. If I could afford a billboard, it would say Busy the puppy: free to a good home! Willing to throw in two cats as well (doesn’t even have to be a good home!)
  1. I have a hard time    being modest: I am just so good looking and intelligent! How can I be modest!?    
  1. I really enjoy  terrorizing Frodo and Zulu, and of course Busy the pup who the human is babysitting –thank God he goes home in a few days!!