Someone Gets an Early Christmas Present!

So the human goes grocery shopping this morning and comes home with a Christmas present for a certain group of felines. She makes the mistake of taking a break from putting away the groceries to answer the phone. This is what she comes back to find:


She calls out to the felines asking: “Alright, who knocked over the groceries and took the cat toy?”


AMARULA answers: Not me! I’m busy praying for winter to be over! Let me be!

zulu cleaning

ZULU answers: Not me! I’m busy grooming. Gotta look my best for the ladies!

FRODO answers: Not chomp….chomp….me…

So the Human goes to investigate and this is what she finds…





The photographic evidence seems pretty damning.


FRODO: I don’t have to give it back do I?!

Oh Frodo! I suppose one early Christmas present is ok!

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Caturday Art: A Museum-Worthy Mouser


FRODO: Mom says I look so arty that Rembrandt himself could not have done better! I should be hanging in a museum!

AMARULA: The key word is hanging!

FRODO: Oh Amarula! You’re so funny! You can hang out with me anytime buddy!

AMARULA: Oh Brother!

FRODO: I had fun catching that mouse that was under the stove with you last night! What fun!

AMARULA: I don’t think the human thought it was so fun when you brought it upstairs last night to show her your prize at about 2 AM!

FRODO: Well! At least I put it in the bathtub so mom could easily catch it and throw it outside! The best part is that since I didn’t hurt the mouse maybe it will come back tonight to play with us again!? Right? Right Amarula!?

AMARULA: Oh Brother! If it does come back, I’m in charge of catching it! You’re too gentle! You’ll ruin my reputation as a fierce mouser!

FRODO: Oh Amarula! Catching mice with you is as fun as doing Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop!


Winter: Is It Over Yet?


AMARULA: I have a brilliant plan to beat winter this year….


AMARULA: I am going to close my eyes and when I open them all these leaves are going to be gone and winter will have moved on!


AMARULA: Nooooooooooo! It didn’t work! How dare you disobey me Mother Nature!!!



Despite the fact that winter appears to have me beat, I did my regular Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. Why Cats are Better Than Dogs and Should be Human’s Overloards_should be taught in schools.
  2.  The last item I donated was … an especially nicely shaped piece of poo. I didn’t even charge for it! I’m not sure why, but my human minion loves to collect them!
  3. My (personal) song is Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent because I so love the idea that a tiny scratch from my little ole claw could make a human sick…such power!
  4. Three things I am thankful for this week are: my good looks, a clean litter box, and my good looks (I really am just that beautiful).


Man Crush Monday: A Tail of Love


AMARULA: As you may remember, on one of my neighborhood walks, I recently met the dreamy man cat Charlie. Well all this cold weather and thoughts of imminent winter made my blood ran cold so I figured a visit with Charlie would warm me up!


AMARULA: I was so happy when I saw him my tail went straight up into the air!


AMARULA: Meow! I have such a crush on my man cat!


AMARULA: We spend the rest of the day hanging out! I love Man Crush Mondays!

And I am doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

Winter is Coming: Run!


AMARULA: Zzzzzz….snore….snore….zzzzz..


AMARULA: What the heck!! I have a little snooze and I wake up to find that the trees are crying and I’m surrounded by all their colorful tears!


AMARULA: It all seems familiar somehow…something at the back of my mind….something unpleasant….


AMARULA: Wait a minute….I know what these leaves mean….Oh God!… It can’t be back already?!… Can it?!…it can’t be true…


AMARULA: WINTER IS COMING! Run for the hills! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Before Amarula freaked out, she did her regular Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

ZULU: Oh Goody! I want to do the Fill-ins this week…Peace is …well the question of peace was perhaps best analyzed by the great Germany philosopher Emmanuel Kant who said….

AMARULA: Shut up Zulu! No one wants to hear your inane prattle…..Here are my insightful answers!

  1. Peace is overrated otherwise, I ask you, why would we felines have claws?.
    2. I need to take care of that mouse that comes every fall to live in the kitchen under the oven, but I keep procrastinating cause I love it when it scares the heck out of the human! Hee hee
    3. A friend is any cat that righly recognizes he or she should both fear and worship me!
  2. I want to try to learn to use a can opener so I don’t have to rely on the human for wet food!