Someone Gets an Early Christmas Present!

So the human goes grocery shopping this morning and comes home with a Christmas present for a certain group of felines. She makes the mistake of taking a break from putting away the groceries to answer the phone. This is what she comes back to find:


She calls out to the felines asking: “Alright, who knocked over the groceries and took the cat toy?”


AMARULA answers: Not me! I’m busy praying for winter to be over! Let me be!

zulu cleaning

ZULU answers: Not me! I’m busy grooming. Gotta look my best for the ladies!

FRODO answers: Not chomp….chomp….me…

So the Human goes to investigate and this is what she finds…





The photographic evidence seems pretty damning.


FRODO: I don’t have to give it back do I?!

Oh Frodo! I suppose one early Christmas present is ok!

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