Caturday Art: A Museum-Worthy Mouser


FRODO: Mom says I look so arty that Rembrandt himself could not have done better! I should be hanging in a museum!

AMARULA: The key word is hanging!

FRODO: Oh Amarula! You’re so funny! You can hang out with me anytime buddy!

AMARULA: Oh Brother!

FRODO: I had fun catching that mouse that was under the stove with you last night! What fun!

AMARULA: I don’t think the human thought it was so fun when you brought it upstairs last night to show her your prize at about 2 AM!

FRODO: Well! At least I put it in the bathtub so mom could easily catch it and throw it outside! The best part is that since I didn’t hurt the mouse maybe it will come back tonight to play with us again!? Right? Right Amarula!?

AMARULA: Oh Brother! If it does come back, I’m in charge of catching it! You’re too gentle! You’ll ruin my reputation as a fierce mouser!

FRODO: Oh Amarula! Catching mice with you is as fun as doing Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop!


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