Sherlock Hopeless Pet Detective: Part 2 Sidewalk Showdown!


AMARULA  (aka Sherlock Hopless Pet Detective): Well, I did it! Phffffft to all you naysayers! I told you I would track down that sneaky feline who has been coming into MY backyard to hang with Frodo and I did it! While my extensive investigative search a few weeks ago proved fruitless, (I simply could not concentrate because I always felt like I was being followed!) this week was much more successful!


AMARULA: I was doing my regular neighborhood-watch patrol of my sidewalks, minding my own business….


AMARULA: When Blam! She jumped out of a pile of leaves!


AMARULA: I relied on my lighting-like reflexes and used some of that fancy footwork us torties are known for to avoid the fluffy ball of danger! Yet she persisted in following me! Did the idiot not realize that I intended to introduce her to my “Paws of Death” to persuade her to stay away from my backyard!? Clearly all that fluff has gone her head!


AMARULA: Well, I hated to do it, but clearly this was going to call for some serious feline ferociousness! It was time for the dreaded Sidewalk Showdown!


AMARULA: The goal is to protect your side of the sidewalk until one feline gives way and admits the other’s superiority. It ain’t pretty folks and can get quite fierce! You may want to hide your children and look away…


AMARULA: Dear readers, you may want to get comfy… this could take awhile…to be continued…


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19 thoughts on “Sherlock Hopeless Pet Detective: Part 2 Sidewalk Showdown!”

  1. Not a staring contest ? Not a rolling on the side to try to out-belly floof each other? This could indeed be very very ferocious.
    But we have to say, judging by ears and tailio communication, you aren’t in charge there.
    *runs away very fast*

  2. OMC Amarula, you are so fierce girl. We don’t know how ya’ do it. Fank da cats we live in da house and don’t have to defend our turf . Raena’s never seen it and it only happened once since me’s lived with mommy, but mommy will feed da occassional stray dat wanders passed. Fankfully they don’t usually stay and they never come in da house, so…ya’ know, we can’t begrudge a morsel to a poor kitty out in da cold. ‘Specially while we lay by da lectric fireplace. MOL Big hugs to all and good luck girl, we’ve got your back.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. guyz….thiz suzz penze iz inn sane…..we knead ta pull up sum chairz
    and grab sum snax………..ham samichez any one ~~~


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