Sherlock Hopeless Pet Detective: Part 3 Mission Accomplished!

AMARULA (aka Sherlock Hopeless Pet Detective): As you may recall, last Monday I had finally cornered my greatest nemesis: Play-Doh (that’s right, as in that sticky, clay-like stuff kids love to play with!). Scuttlebutt among the neighborhood cats is that’s the ridiculous name her human’s gave her! Humans can be so cruel! Hee hee!


AMARULA:  I will be frank. She proved to be a greater foe than I imagined. She has nerves of steel! Neither of us proved victorious for the sidewalk showdown so we had to take the competition up a notch! It was time for the dreaded “Bouncy Belly Beatdown”. In this fierce battle maneuver, both cats display their bellies in a competition to see whose is the cutest and most rubbable. She started the Bouncy Belly Beatdown:


AMARULA: She was off to a weak start…


AMARULA: But pretty quickly she starting giving it her all by exposing what even I must admit is a very rubbable belly!


AMARULA: So then I showed her my stuff! Close up please…


AMARULA: Have you ever seen a cuter tummy? And look at that exquisite toe curl! Then I just flash my emerald green eyes and no one can resist me! I mean it’s incredible, right?!


AMARULA: Finally we had to admit that both our tummies were incredibly cute and call a tie. So we moved on to the final competition: the Staredown!


AMARULA: She gave it a noble effort…


AMARULA: But finally she had to admit defeat! I was victorious! The streets, sidewalks and backyards of the neighborhood were once again mine!


AMARULA: Look at her run in fear (well, alright, maybe not so much run as saunter)! She was a worthy opponent who fought fairly so we came to a compromise that she could visit MY backyard once a week. At other times…


AMARULA: She has to stay on her side of the fence!

AMARULA: Where she and Frodo can stare longingly at one another from a distance!

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20 thoughts on “Sherlock Hopeless Pet Detective: Part 3 Mission Accomplished!”

  1. Play Doh? PLAY DOH? Sheesh! That explains a lot! 😉
    Though I kind of lost my train of thought when I saw your tortie belly, Amarula … you could lure in even the biggest grinch with that!
    I still think you should encourage Frodo and P.D. to elope … solves two problems right there!

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaw Amarula you are da queen. You’re right, her belly was adorable, even we have to admit dat. But we think you had her beat with da paw curl. But we do have to give points to da poor girl fur dat name. Bless her heart, humans can be cruel. Maybe she’s tryin’ to find better. MOL Big hugs to all of you.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. hay ewe gals….ya both bee gorgeouz bee ewe tee full N play doh, we due hope ya
    stop bye again….thiz post seer eez iz hill larry uz ~~~ 984 pawz up….we lovez it…☺☺☺♥♥♥


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