Being “In” is So Out!

FRODO: Well spring is finally here — at least that’s what Amarula and Zulu keep talking about. They sure are excited about finally going outside again now that the snow is gone (even though Zulu has to wear a harness).



FRODO: I must admit it does look very exciting out there!


I can only imagine the adventures I could get up to outside!!


FRODO: I might finally be able to catch that red squirrel that keeps taunting me!





FRODO: Hey Zulu and Amarula when will I be big enough to come join you outside?

AMARULA: Never! The human has no plans to let you outside of the cat containment unit! I heard her saying that even on a harness you would likely get into too much trouble!

FRODO: What’s that you say?!?…but that’s not fair…I really never get to go outside?!?

exciting world out there

FRODO: NEVER??!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. Let me out!






4 thoughts on “Being “In” is So Out!”

  1. dood….for what itz werth….we iz knot a loud out ever either……sure we can go inta de garage… but hello….
    we canna open de door ta even take de car fora wee spin ~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  2. FRODO: You guys get to go in the garage!! That sounds nearly as exciting as the OUTSIDE! Now I am jealous of you too! We need to get together and see if we can figure out how to drive that car!!


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