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Frodo Strings His Friends Along

Sometimes felines are just not on the same page! FRODO: Why aren’t Zulu and Amarula chasing me and the string? I’ve explained the rules to them. I don’t understand what is so complicated! I pull the string and they chase me. We’d have so much fun! What’s wrong? ZULU: This does not look like string […]

Who’s In the Driver’s Seat?

AMARULA: What are you doing here Zulu?? This is my seat! ZULU: No it isn’t Amarula. I use it all the time to enjoy sunpuddles. Look, I’ll show you how it’s done! AMARULA: No way! Let’s just each stick to our own corners. ZULU: Fine have it your way! ZULU: Are you sure you don’t […]

Amarula Closes The Book On Cuteness!

Shhhhhh! Amarula looking incredibly cute as she sleeps on my bookshelf! So cute…I gotta take a photo! AMARULA:  Is that a camera click I hear? Put it away now or taste the terror of my claws of death! No one should see me sleeping. I am terrifying not cute! AMARULA: Come back here with that […]

Frodo Goes To The Dogs!

Frodo’s human was dog sitting Vincent for the week and naturally Frodo and Vincent became fast friends…though there were some issues with Vincent’s inability to appreciate the joys of catnip. Despite Frodo’s enthusiastic tutelage! FRODO: Come on Vincent, roll around in the catnip! It’s so much fun! FRODO: Get your nose right in the catnip. […]