Zulu Investigates Frodo’s New Friend!

ZULU: What the heck!? Who is this new cat hanging out with Frodo? It isn’t Play-Doh. Normally I like to leave the  life-threatening tasks investigating up to Amarula…

AMARULA: You mean you prefer to cower in the basement whenever potential danger arises!

ZULU: Quiet Amarula! It’s not my fault that I just happen to be hanging out in the basement whenever a dangerous situation comes up! Anyway, I am off to investigate…

ZULU: Oh boy! This is pretty scary! Is it just me or does this black and white cat seem very menacing!?

ZULU: Is that a jailhouse tattoo I see on its paw!? Is this kitty a street tough? Does anyone see any gang affiliation tats? I don’t know about this!

ZULU: Oh gee! There are just so many concealed weapons all that fluff could be hiding! Is that the scent of blood I smell? Is the cat giving me the evil eye?

ZULU: Don’t make eye contact!

ZULU: I am otta here!

ZULU: I am just going to keep at a safe distance! Oh no! Is that Monochrome Menace still staring at me!??

ZULU: What’s that mom? You say you have something in the basement you need me to see! I am coming….

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20 thoughts on “Zulu Investigates Frodo’s New Friend!”

  1. Mew mew mew Zulu that Monokat iss just ‘yankin yur chain’ so to speek!! Mee finks hee reelly iss furendlee butt tries to act tuff…
    But helpin yur Mumma iss impawtent…hope you sorted out the trubbull inn thee basement!! 😉
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  2. guyz…well, if itz knot play doh ore silly putty… that just mite bee modelin clay

    wavez two ewe modelin clay; yur one kewl kitteh !!! may bee him wantz ta
    join de codd motherz familee ~~ 🙂 ♥♥

  3. Zulu, you were very brave to investigate the stranger kitty! That fluff could hide lots of concealed weapons for sure! Glad you were ok after you got so close to the danger. Bravo, Zulu!

  4. Wow. Bear would never get that close to a visitor … I remember your reaction to Busy, Zulu … but maybe Amarula’s being a bit unfair to you? On the other hand, this kitty looks like just a ball of floof! Does Frodo know something? Or is Frodo just blissfully ignorant of the dangers?!? STAY TUNED 😉
    ps – This is my Momma’s comment … I can’t help her stupidity. The rest of us know that Amarula is always right! ~Bear Cat

  5. You were brave Zulu. But no need to hide yourself in the basement. Basements are for cowards !
    This cat looks friendly. I think that next time it will be safe to say hello to him.


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