Why I love Springtime!


AMARULA: As you know I hate winter! All that snow means I can’t go outside for many months. So I love when spring arrives and I can once again rule the outdoors! And yes, while spring also means that Zulu gets to join me outside on his harness…yuck…


The real reason I am so happy to see the snow go away and the grass turn green again is precisely because Zulu joins me outside!  I get to drive him crazy by standing on his leash so he can’t move or–even better–pulling on his leash so he has to go where I tell him to go!




ZULU: Get off my leash! Mom! Look what Amarula is doing!

get to play with leash

AMARULA: Oh glorious spring! Who knew I would love it so when Zulu joins me outside!

4 thoughts on “Why I love Springtime!”

    • AMARULA: I know the human would love to leash me but she has to stay out with the cats while they are leashed and I refuse to just go out for just an hour or two a day. Because I was a stray the human took off the streets I never accepted (no matter how hard the human tried!) to be more of an indoor cat! I sit at the door and cry and scratch (and sometimes pee) until she lets me out! That is why the human loves winter even though I hate it–cause I stay indoors!

  1. hay….wearz frodo…..?

    N joy sum out side time for us pleez….we iz knot a loud out
    o doorz coz there roadz & streetz & high wayz as far az de eye
    can see ~~~~~~~


  2. AMARULA: Frodo!? Who cares about him! Although I did hear the human say something about going shopping for a harness for him! Stay tuned….And I will indeed enjoy some time outside for your guys!


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