The Cats Go On A (Guilt) Trip

FRODO: A nap in front of the heater! My fav. All is right with the world…I don’t know why people hate Mondays so much…

FRODO: Wait, what? What’s that about a trip?

FRODO: Mom! Did you just say you are leaving tomorrow for a trip to Australia and you’ll be gone two entire weeks!! That’s like more than a thousand days!! And you’re not taking me?!?

FRODO: Frodo is not amused!

ZULU: What’s that I hear?! Mom’s leaving!?!

FRODO: Life is so unfair. I hate Mondays

ZULU: Look me in the eyes and tell me how you could leave us for so long? Amarula, are you listening to this nonsense?! Mom’s leaving for two weeks

AMARULA: Just teach me how to use the can opener and give me your Netflix password and I’ll be fine. Now give me 1 and a half belly rubs and be gone!

The human: I AM OFF TO AUSTRALIA! I will be gone for two weeks (leaving the cats in very loving hands so don’t worry) so forgive me if i don’t visit your blogs or post for the next couple of weeks!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

20 thoughts on “The Cats Go On A (Guilt) Trip”

  1. We will miss you too but have a MEOWVELOUS TIME!! OMC your series of photos were PURRFECT! Especially Frodos!!!!! Too funny! Have a safe and fun trip! Take lots of photos!

  2. Oh that’s so far away for so long! I hope your mom can survive without you during the trip 🙂
    I visited Australia about 30 years ago and enjoyed meeting critters there. I hope she will have a safe and fun trip!

  3. Austrailia?! Is that in another galaxy far far away? Oh Frodo maybe your carpet is a magic flying one and while your momma’s away you, Amarula and Zulu could come to my house in O-R-E Gon. Winks.


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