Amarula Grits Her Teeth

AMARULA: Yes I know I look gorgeous and majestic but I am trying to sleep. Stop taking photos and leave me alone…hmmm…how can I make it clear to you how dangerous it is to wake a sleeping tortie?

AMARULA: See this sharp canine made for piercing tender human skin? (if you click on photo it will enlarge)

AMARULA: See these mighty teeth made for chomping human fingers?

AMARULA: Hear my terrifying roar made to send shivers down a human spine?

AMARULA: So, do we have an understanding now?

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Happy Holidays!

MERRY Holidays!

FRODO: Is it just me or can anyone else hear a bell jingle whenever I move my head?

ZULU: I love Christmas cause red is really my color! Don’t you ladies agree?

AMARULA: I really hope you like this sweater human. Cause it’s the last thing you’re ever gonna see once I get my claws on you!

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It’s Official: Winter Has Arrived

AMARULA: Oh God! It’s here AGAIN! Why does winter keep coming back!  I thought I scared it away last year!

AMARULA: Maybe if I look away for a second, it will go away…

AMARULA: Nope. Looks like it’s here to stay. That looking away and wishing something would disappear trick never works! God knows I’ve tried it enough times with Frodo!


FRODO: Did you just call me Amarula!? Here I am!! Isn’t the snow beautiful!?! Is there room for me to sit up there with you, side by side and cozy!!

AMARULA: I have a feeling it’s going to be a loooooooooog winter!

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The Cats Go On A (Guilt) Trip

FRODO: A nap in front of the heater! My fav. All is right with the world…I don’t know why people hate Mondays so much…

FRODO: Wait, what? What’s that about a trip?

FRODO: Mom! Did you just say you are leaving tomorrow for a trip to Australia and you’ll be gone two entire weeks!! That’s like more than a thousand days!! And you’re not taking me?!?

FRODO: Frodo is not amused!

ZULU: What’s that I hear?! Mom’s leaving!?!

FRODO: Life is so unfair. I hate Mondays

ZULU: Look me in the eyes and tell me how you could leave us for so long? Amarula, are you listening to this nonsense?! Mom’s leaving for two weeks

AMARULA: Just teach me how to use the can opener and give me your Netflix password and I’ll be fine. Now give me 1 and a half belly rubs and be gone!

The human: I AM OFF TO AUSTRALIA! I will be gone for two weeks (leaving the cats in very loving hands so don’t worry) so forgive me if i don’t visit your blogs or post for the next couple of weeks!

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Frodo Invades Amarula’s Happy Place


AMARULA: What the hell is this idiot doing here??? This is my secret cat nip patch.

FRODO: I missed you Amarula! So mom put me on a leash and we found you in the neighbor’s yard in this wonderful patch of catnip!

AMARULA: Why oh why does the human insist on taking your for a walk! Is there no place I am safe?!

FRODO: You must have been so lonely playing here by yourself Amarula! Aren’t you glad I found you?

AMARULA: Glad is not the word I would use….

AMARULA: He appears to be passed out. If we run for it I bet he would never find his way home on his own!

AMARULA: Frodo is so undignified. Deplorable behavior! I can’t even stand to look at my catnip patch anymore! I’m outta here

FRODO: Come back Amarula! What does deplorable mean? Don’t you want to give me a tummy rub?

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You Know It’s Hot Outside When…

We’ve been having a humidity heat wave out in my part of Canada and it’s making the cats do crazy things!

AMARULA: You leave…

ZULU: NO you leave…

AMARULA: I was here first and it’s too hot to move

ZULU: Well I ain’t leaving! This is the perfect place to work on my tan

AMARULA: oh God! I can’t believe I am doing this…so hot…must lie down…have no energy to get away from ZULU…

AMARULA: Yuck! Zulu can’t you at least not hog the table?!

ZULU: Hey you know your tail is touching mine, right? Amarula, are you finally getting sweet on me? No one can resist my charms for long…

AMARULA: Oh the shame! I hate summer!!! The heat makes me do crazy things!


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Amarula’s In Hiding

We are having a run of very hot weather here and Amarula tries to escape it by sleeping in the shade under the chairs (it’s also the perfect hiding spot from Frodo and Zulu too)

AMARULA: Damn! You found me!

AMARULA: Listen human, you better not tell Frodo and Zulu where I am hiding or there will be consequences!

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Zulu Gets Jealous

So I was taking photos of Frodo when this happened…

Come on Frodo, look at the camera…

ZULU: Hey! Why are you taking photos of Frodo? I love him and all but I am the photogenic one in the family! Pay me some photographic attention!

FRODO: Come here Zulu! I would love to give you some attention!

FRODO: Come closer….

FRODO: Closer! I love giving hugs!

ZULU: I don’t want a hug! I want my photo taken!

FRODO: OK How about a quick love bite then?


ZULU: Ok I call a truce as long as mom takes my photo!

ZULU: After all we all know who the best looking cat in the house is right?

AMARULA: We sure do….

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!