Amarula Celebrates Tortie Appreciation Day (Sort Of)

The HUMAN: Get up Amarula! It’s Tortie Appreciation Day (started by Ingrid at Conscious Cat)

AMARULA: Well it’s about time! I will participate as long as I don’t actually have to do anything and can just sit here and look pretty.

The HUMAN: You don’t have to do anything. But can I please rub your tummy in honor of such a special day?

AMARULA: Certainly not! But you may rub my feet. They hurt from running away from Frodo who keeps trying to hug me

AMARULA: Now more importantly, let’s discuss how displeased I am that every day isn’t Tortie Appreciation Day!

18 thoughts on “Amarula Celebrates Tortie Appreciation Day (Sort Of)”

  1. OMC tortie toe close-up! I would be happy to rub your foot, Amarula! And your forbidden tummy is way too irresistible! Today is tortie appreciation day but we know torties are appreciated every day 🙂

  2. I have to admit, even though I can give dad a good ribbing often I feel like I’m treated like royalty here by mom and dad, so I might as well say every day is Tortie Appreciation Day. Or else.


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