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Amarula’s Summer Slimming Workout

AMARULA: Often my fans (and I have many) ask me how I look so good and maintain such a striking physique. Aside from just being born so good looking, another important factor is my summer outdoor exercise regime, which I am going to share with you today. So get your pens and paper ready…here we […]

Stop, Look, Listen…and Ignore

AMARULA: Oh yes human. I am listening to the details of your day with rapt attention. Do tell. Do tell. AMARULA: Just wake me up when your exciting tale is over. And has anyone ever told you that you make a better door than a window!? Now move out of the way of my sunbeams! […]

Zulu Gets Boxed Into A Corner

ZULU: As you may remember from this post, I am not really a cat who likes boxes. I can just never get comfy. ZULU: But when I see Frodo looking so cozy I just have to get myself into the box with him! But it took a lot of tries to get situated just right…. […]

Amarula and the Dangers of Too Much Catnip

Amarula always gets a little amorous when she spends too much time in the catnip patch! Clearly she really overindulged for her to be so friendly with Frodo! FRODO: I knew this day would come!! FRODO: Amarula really does love me!! AMARULA: What the heck just happened here??! I hope that stupid human didn’t have […]

Claiming the Catnip Patch

FRODO: Normally I love to share but today this catnip patch is all mine! I am having so much fun rolling in it–though I can’t figure out why mom looks less than impressed… FRODO: Bring dirt into the house?!?! Who? Little ole me? What makes you say that? We are joining Comedy Plus Awww Monday […]