Zulu’s Guide To Stretching

ZULU: Hi loyal fans and lady cats! Last week Amarula bored you with her summer slimming routine (clearly, it’s not even very effective if you know what I mean). And Frodo showed you his anti-gravity workout as well. So this week I want to show you how I keep myself so lithe and good-looking with stretches.

ZULU: First start with a basic easy open arm stretch that I like to call “Welcoming the sunpuddle.”

ZULU: Then move on to this more advanced move where you curl your toes and yet stretch out your nails as far as possible while twisted into a backwards half circle.

ZULU: Now push one back leg and one front leg as far apart as possible (this move can be facilitated by snorting copious amounts of cat nip 10 minutes before hand—-the herb really stimulates flexibility!)

ZULU: Now roar to the world what a ferocious feline you are! My favorite mantra is “I am Zulu the Great and Gorgeous!”

ZULU: End by striking a cute pose and pausing long enough so that your human can admire how beautiful and clever you are. Belly rubs are optional…

ZULU:…but are always appreciated!

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20 thoughts on “Zulu’s Guide To Stretching”

  1. zulu….we like de feerce nezz in yur roar….ewe R like de pantherz ~~~~~~
    and gorgeouz one at that ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  2. Thank you for the instructions, i will try a stretch like that tomorrow morning, see if it helps me get out of bed faster!

  3. I’d give you as many belly rubs as you want, Zulu. You look like you’re all arms and legs, handsome 🙂
    ps – That wasn’t very nice about Amarula! Bear says she’s perfect just the way she is 😉 OBVIOUSLY. I mean tortie=perfection!

  4. My mommy says to listen to you becauze you are such a good stretcher and she has been trying your stretches before she gets out of bed in the morning and she is less stiff and more flexible all day. This is a great exercise program for cats, dogs and their hoomans too!

    Thanks for the tips!



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