Zulu and Amarula: Working Together To Destroy A Common Enemy?

ZULU: Doh…dee…doh…Busy the puppy is having a nap so I can come out of the basement and …wink…wink…spend time with my ladies! You know who you are…

AMARULA: There you are Zulu! I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I can’t believe I am saying this but I need your help!

ZULU: What?!?! Have you been into the extra-strength catnip again you Tortie Terror?

AMARULA: No you idiot! We have to get rid of that puppy Busy! Look behind me.

AMARULA: Do you see that big box with the “Caution Heavy” stickers on it?  (Thank God for the human’s addiction to Amazon) I have devised a plan to lure the puppy here and we can both push it over so it lands on him (whispering…and if it lands on Frodo too even better!)…hold on…wait a minute…what is he doing here…

AMARULA: FRODO! Get out of here! Be gone foul demon! I blame you and your overly loving personality for this puppy mess!

ZULU: Boy did you send Frodo running! Look Amarula, as much as I agree that dog has to go, I am occupied at the moment trying to pose charmingly for the camera! Speaking of my good looks…do you think this pillow makes me looks fat?

AMARULA: Oh Brother!! Why do I even bother!? I can’t believe you Zulu!

ZULU: So just to be clear….is that a yes or no on the pillow making me look fat?

AMARULA: Do you see what I am dealing with here? I think I have changed my mind about who I am going to push that box onto!

AMARULA: I can’t even look at you right now!

ZULU: Really? That’s too bad cause I am looking incredibly cute….

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 51: April 28, 2017

  1. A book I would like to see made into a movie is my life story. Granted I have not written it yet but clearly with my intelligence and penchant for drama, as well as my mystique, it would clearly be a bestseller.
  2. If I could afford a billboard, it would say Busy the puppy: free to a good home! Willing to throw in two cats as well (doesn’t even have to be a good home!)
  1. I have a hard time    being modest: I am just so good looking and intelligent! How can I be modest!?    
  1. I really enjoy  terrorizing Frodo and Zulu, and of course Busy the pup who the human is babysitting –thank God he goes home in a few days!!

18 thoughts on “Zulu and Amarula: Working Together To Destroy A Common Enemy?”

  1. Zulu, you could never look fat. Thanks for your answers to the fill-ins Amarula. I would love to see your book made into a movie- I would read your book too so get writing. And Your #2 answer cracked me up.So did 3 and 4 🙂 Have a great weekend! XO

  2. OMG, the photos matched the storyline perfectly! Zulo, the pillow makes your back feet look HUGE! Amarula, as much as your plan about the box push is a good one, methinks you’ll be very unhappy if it ever happens. Frodo, you just keep being the loveable lug that you are!

  3. Morons! I don’t know HOW you put up with them, Amarula! Sheesh. You’re standing RIGHT THERE and Zulu TOTALLY misses your tortie-liciousness! Don’t worry … Bear Cat appreciates you. He just jumped up on my lap and sniffed your picture on my screen (FOR REALS!!!). And for the love of tuna … you’re wearing four or five bells now? On the one hand, I’m impressed that you require so many to protect your unsuspecting victims … but holy cow … if a girl’s as smooth as you, she deserves the odd bird and a hiding place from her brothers!

  4. What a wonderful post ! Amarula, you need to get writing on that book ! Zulu, you are one handsome dude ! Frodo and Busy – you two aren’t even in the pictures, and you’re still pretty cute. But it is good to know sweet Busy will be going home…sooner or later.

  5. You sure made mom smile as well as me this morning! I do want to ask you if that beautiful collar is just to enhance your beauty?

  6. OMC! You couldn’t PAY me to sit a dog. Don’t know how you put up with these indignities.
    Tell Zulu I scored the coolio lid aka Yankees’ hat cos my peeps are big fans. They were even at last night’s game as you were posting the comment. They desert me all the time for those Yankees so I better get a hat.


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