Trick or Treating with Frodo!

I know Halloween is past but I just had to share these photos of Frodo in costume “giving out” candies from Wednesday night! He loved the attention and the kids loved him!!! Even the kids’ parents couldn’t believe a cat would sit in a costume and stay on a chair to watch kids trick or treating all night!!

Ahhh Frodo!

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17 thoughts on “Trick or Treating with Frodo!”

  1. Frodo is such a special kitty! What a good boy to “give out” candies for kids! And he looks so adorable in his costume. He must have made Halloween extra special for the kids and their parents 🙂

  2. dood…..we did knot haz one purrson stop bye with any treetz for uz ~~~~~~~~
    howl o ween sux !!!!!!!!


  3. What a grr-eat door greeter you were on All Hallows Eve, Frodo! I bet the lil’ humans and the big humans are still all talking about you! You purr-obably were more of a treat for them all night than all the candy in their buckets! I only greeted my door for a short time and then I had the doggie take over. I figured it was about time that she learn the ropes. Tee hee hee. Head nuzzles.

  4. That is so cute! My parents had a long-haired tuxedo cat who would sit on the porch to watch the trick-or-treaters. One time she got bored and walked away. It really startled one of the kids who thought she was part of the decorations.


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