Nap Time Interrupted…Again!

AMARULA: Doh dee doh…oh I am so looking forward to my nap. I got my favorite scratcher beside me and there’s no sign of Frodo nearby (so he can’t interrupt my nap like last time) so I can enjoy a pleasant snooze….

AMARULA: What the…? Where did you come from!?!

AMARULA: Get off my scratcher Zulu!

ZULU: Hey there Amarula. I know how much you hate to nap alone and how much you love to share your things so I thought I would join you. Hehehehe…Pftsssssst!

AMARULA: Do you see what I have to put up with!!


Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 47: March 31, 2017


  1. The first thing I think about in the morning is how can I best terrorize Frodo and Zulu today?


  1. The last thing I think about before sleep is _Have I done enough to terrorize Frodo and Zulu today?


  1. I am looking forward to finally finding my passport and returning to South Africa from whence the Human stole me (naturally I would have to burn Frodo and Zulu’s passport to make sure they don’t follow me there!).


  1. I am so pleased when at the end of the day I’ve gotten lots of attention, treats and mice and I can fall asleep knowing that the day has been all about me and I’ve really put the “I” in tortie once again!

21 thoughts on “Nap Time Interrupted…Again!”

  1. Amarula, I like your answers! I also enjoyed the pictures and dialog between you and Zulu. Really cute! Annie loves to get lots of attention and treats too. That’s a great day indeed!

  2. Poor Zulu – he’s simply an innocent mancat wanting to scratch away, ensuring best claw condition for those emergencies in which he might have to protect himself. We’d love to see your passport, Amarula – we are sure the photo would be most flattering. Hehehehe.

  3. Boys are so stupid! They always put their business where it’s not wanted! You deserve so much better, Amarula. We now understand why you like your drawer so much … no boys can mess with you. By the way, you are the most beautiful tortie I’ve ever seen … I really love how much of the light brown furs you have, you have the purr-fect balance of tortie colors … and that belly! Bear and I are both suckers for torties 😉

  4. guyz…just add mit it …ewe all LOVEZ each other 🙂 ewe R among friendz heer
    who wood never think ta laff if ya said sew ore make crazee commintz on yur blog
    ore pass de werld round de interwebz that de hissyfitz catz bee changin ther name
    ta lovefest ~~ ☺☺♥♥

  5. Ahh yes, the dreaded nappus interruptus. Dad has this way of disturbing my sleep with his incessant need to fluff my fur when he knows I’m trying to catch a few winks. Damn human fool! Happy weekend to you anyway.

  6. Amarula, do you really sleep with your scratcher? That’s strange!
    When I sleep nobody dare to disturb me.
    Nobody has a right to disturb a cat when he is sleeping, no even another cat.


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