It’s Quitting Time!

Amarula has a special way of letting me know when she thinks I’ve been working too long and it’s time to call it a night!

AMARULA: What part of quitting time do you not understand human?

AMARULA: How could this computer possibly hold your interest more than me?

AMARULA: Clearly it’s time for the stink eye.

AMARULA: Don’t think ignoring me will work! I’m digging in my heels!

AMARULA: What part of “pet me NOW” don’t you understand? I am perfectly prepared to “deposit” a little “present” on your desk if you continue to ignore me!

AMARULA: I said NOW! Look closely into my eyes! Do I look like patience is one of my virtues?

HUMAN: All right! You win Amarula, I’m done for the night.

AMARULA: I always win! Mwwwwwhaha!

We are doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

23 thoughts on “It’s Quitting Time!”

  1. hay ewe gorgeouz….ya noe…..mor often N often…peepulz…just…..due….knot
    …..get….it…… ♥♥☺☺

  2. Amarula, you are very good girl to make sure your human isn’t working too long! And nothing should hold her attention more than you, of course!
    Glad she quit before you had to deposit your present 🙂

  3. When Bear thinks I’m working too long, he goes after the furniture and misbehaves! My personal favorite was years ago when my work table faced the kitchen. Bear would jump on the kitchen counter and make sure I was watching before sticking his paw slowly in the toaster (which he knew guaranteed I’d jump up and put him on the floor). Cats are just too clever … and we’re usually a couple beats behind 🙂
    ps – We didn’t realize how much light brown fur Amarula has! Gorgeous!


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