Amarula and the Dangers of Too Much Catnip

Amarula always gets a little amorous when she spends too much time in the catnip patch! Clearly she really overindulged for her to be so friendly with Frodo!

FRODO: I knew this day would come!!

FRODO: Amarula really does love me!!

AMARULA: What the heck just happened here??! I hope that stupid human didn’t have her camera. I gotta stop overindulging in the ‘nip!

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21 thoughts on “Amarula and the Dangers of Too Much Catnip”

  1. We heard that humans are also “more relaxed” in their choice whom they’re spending their night with when they had too much of their nip, hehe.

    We still have many catnip plants in our apartment. Mom grew them for us, but of course we’re not interested at all. Now she’s trying to sell them / give them away , but she’s only succeeded to get rid of 2 plants so far.

  2. my stars girl…..uh….hhhmmmmmmmm…crap… do I say this ~~~~~~~


    hugs from dai$y =^..*=

  3. Oh Frodo, what a day! You look a little nervous though – probably quite rightly so as the realisation is sinking in to your tortie tarter! We suggest giving her more nip…..


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