Amarula and Frodo: Frenemies?

Amarula is doing the Friendly Fill Ins with 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.

  1. I admire myself in the mirror at least 25 times a day.
  2. I can’t wait for Frodo and Zulu’s personality to bloom. (I’ll be waiting a long time….)

3. I’m proud to say Frodo only tries to play with me 15 times a day instead of 20. Clearly, I am slowly putting the fear of God into the copper-furred cretin.

4. The fact that I feel Frodo’s breath on the back of my neck and I know he can’t stay still for long make(s) me nervous.

19 thoughts on “Amarula and Frodo: Frenemies?”

  1. Aww….I think you two love each other 🙂 Thank you for joining in the fill-ins, great answers. Be sure to add your link so everyone can visit you. I can see why you admire yourself several times a day, you are gorgeous. And I would be a little nervous too if I were you 🙂 Have a nice weekend! XO

  2. Great fill-in answers, Amarula, and I love these photos of you with Frodo! You do look a little nervous LOL! Maybe he is thinking about playing with you for some more times today 🙂

  3. “Copper-furred cretin”- Ha ha ha, I like that. Sounds like something dad would come up with. You, Amarula, are adorable! (and yes, Frodo the cretin is handsome as well)

  4. Grr-eat fill-in answers, Amarula. Mirrors were invented by us pussycats. You’re lucky to have pussycat fursibs and not doggies. Sometimes I feel the Basset’s breath on my back, which is kind of creepy. I then have to give myself a full bath afterwards, of course.


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