Frodo Tries To Get His Foot In The Door


It’s the human here! I made the mistake of trying to close my office door to actually get some work done. Someone had different ideas…any guess who?

At first Frodo was quite patient

Frodo’s patience did not last long! Now I know how the scratches got at the bottom of the door!

You have to admire his persistence!

Even Zulu tried to get in on the act


Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. A law I would like to see passed is _all catnip and Temptation tuna treats must be immediately surrendered to the best looking tortie in a 5-mile vicinity!
  2. My favorite card game is _Go fish, of course.
  3. With Summer unofficially here,  I can reclaim my dominion over the great outdoors .
  4. A favourite Summer memory is  when I first met my true love Charlie (who has sadly moved!).

An Uninvited Guest

AMARULA: I am in a bad mood! Wanna guess why?

AMARULA: My number one nemesis Frodo. As per usual, I was having a pleasant nap and the Orange Menace snuck up on me.

AMARULA: All I have to do is give him one good kick with my back leg and he would roll right off the couch! Should I do it?

AMARULA: Well maybe I won’t bother just this once. As long as he doesn’t snuggle closer! Best I conserve my energy for chasing all the squirrels in the back yard!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. My idea of roughing it is what you see above! Letting Frodo nap near me without beating him up! I truly am a martyr. I should be sainted really!

2. I never get sick of talking about myself of course! Just as I am sure, dear readers, you never get sick of hearing about me!

  1. My youth returns in full force every time I get a sniff of catnip or spend time chasing Frodo and Zulu around.
  2. My “golden years” would be a lot more golden if the Orange Menace and Zulu the Zero were not around!

Nap Time Interrupted…Again!

AMARULA: Doh dee doh…oh I am so looking forward to my nap. I got my favorite scratcher beside me and there’s no sign of Frodo nearby (so he can’t interrupt my nap like last time) so I can enjoy a pleasant snooze….

AMARULA: What the…? Where did you come from!?!

AMARULA: Get off my scratcher Zulu!

ZULU: Hey there Amarula. I know how much you hate to nap alone and how much you love to share your things so I thought I would join you. Hehehehe…Pftsssssst!

AMARULA: Do you see what I have to put up with!!


Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 47: March 31, 2017


  1. The first thing I think about in the morning is how can I best terrorize Frodo and Zulu today?


  1. The last thing I think about before sleep is _Have I done enough to terrorize Frodo and Zulu today?


  1. I am looking forward to finally finding my passport and returning to South Africa from whence the Human stole me (naturally I would have to burn Frodo and Zulu’s passport to make sure they don’t follow me there!).


  1. I am so pleased when at the end of the day I’ve gotten lots of attention, treats and mice and I can fall asleep knowing that the day has been all about me and I’ve really put the “I” in tortie once again!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

The cats all want to wish you a happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

AMARULA: Speak for yourself! I don’t want to wish anyone anything! And certainly not a happy day!

AMARULA: Get this off me…oh the indignity!

AMARULA: That’s right human… just a little closer…just get a little closer and you’ll be drinking green beer in the emergency room!

ZULU: You who…over here…mom…take my photo!

ZULU: Oh no my eyes were closed! Try again!

ZULU: Oh yeah! That’s my good side…hey ladies! Now let’s try one with the hat too!!

ZULU: I almost feel bad that one cat can look so darn good!

AMARULA: Ha! You look like a cross between a pimp and the Green Goblin Zulu!

ZULU: Quiet Amarula! You’re just jealous of my inner suaveness and gorgeousness! Hey Ladies!

…and then there’s Frodo…he partied just a little too hard on green catnip…

FRODO: Happy St Patty’s day!

IMPORTANT: pls visit fellow cat blogger Frimousse’s site (lives in France) he was just diagnosed with cancer and is not doing well!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. The oldest item in my home is the mouse I hid behind the fridge that the human has still not found!
  2. The oldest item in my refrigerator is _see above (yep, I also hid one IN the refrigerator!).
  3.  My family heritage is NOT the result of a co-mingling of road tar and a pumpkin exploding (as Zulu would have you believe) Rather my heritage includes some African lion, Tasmanian devil and wild boar with just a dash of stallion (that’s where I get my effortless grace from)
  4. My favorite family tradition is beating up on Zulu and Frodo…ok ok I admit it’s not actually an allowable family tradition BUT IT SHOULD BE!

Come Play With Me!

FRODO: MOM! MOM! MOM! Stop working and come play with me

FRODO: No takers eh?

FRODO: But what if I look real cute? (EPILOGUE: Mom stopped working…obviously! Could you say no to that belleh!?)

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. I wish smoking would come back in style. I used to love a good cigar after a meal of mouse au vin.
  1. I always have _____________________ in my purse ( or wallet for men). Clearly, I do not have a purse, but if I did I would always carry a compact mirror. A lady has got to look her best. Though, of course, when you’re a Tortie, gorgeous is just a constant state of being. Am I right fellow Torts?
  1. I think that I need to bite my human on the ankle. She stopped petting me to answer the phone. Such treachery can not go unpunished

4.Frodo and Zulu are a pet peeve of mine. They are pets and they peeve me. Need I say more?

Winter! Could it Get Any Worse? (Oh yes it can)!

Amarula: Winter! Just look at all that cold and snow. It looks like it will never end and I am stuck inside until it does! At least things can’t get any worse…

AMARULA: What the…Frodo when did you sneak up behind me! This is MY winter viewing platform!

FRODO: Hey there big sis! Isn’t winter wonderful? Since you aren’t going out much we get to spend so much more quality time together

AMARULA: I would take issue with the word quality

FRODO: I have a whole list of things we can do together now that you’re inside so much. I’ve even set aside time for extra hugs and those play fights that you seem to love so much! We can nap together, eat together, use the litter box together, sit by the fire together…


AMARULA: I think I will wait outside for spring to arrive.

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. Snow is my number 1 nemesis! (well, actually it’s certainly in the top 3 and vies with Frodo and Zulu for first place depending on my mood!)
  2. My favorite kind of soup is chicken of course with Goldfish crackers! Though why humans feel the need to add those horrible vegetables to it is beyond me!
  3. When no one is around, I like to …dance like no one’s watching!
  4. .Catnip is my first love

The Art of Compromise

FRODO: Hey there big sis! Wanna play?

AMARULA: No I certainly do not want to play. Now get down from there — you are in my spot! Only I get to sit at the top of the sofa! It is the perfect perch from which to oversee my domain.

FRODO: Come on! Let’s play! Come up here and get me!

AMARULA: Come down at once!

FRODO: Pfffffffffffffffttttttttttt! Come and get me!

AMARULA: How dare you show me the raspberry! You really have no common sense whatsoever do you? You asked for it….

AMARULA: Whack! Bam!

FRODO: Wheeeeeeee

THE HUMAN aka mom: HEY! What the heck are you two doing?!?

A few minutes later….

AMARULA: I can’t believe the human broke up the fight and is making us share the top of the couch! What of my dignity!? What of a respect for my superiority!?

FRODO: Fight?! I thought we were playing! I thought you were trying to tickle me! Oh Amarula, you have the funniest sense of humor! I LOVE YOU!

AMARULA: Silence you creamsicle cretin!


Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. My favorite kind of cookie is _S’mouses (like a S’more but meatier!), chocolate chipmunk cookies and peanut birder cookies.
  2. The famous Mudpie the tortie of course (only a fellow tortie can capture my tortitude and her blog was the first cat blog I read with a tortie as the star–which is of course, our natural role) would play me in a movie about my life.
  3. Love is easy to find! I feel it every time I look in the mirror!
  4. For Valentine’s Day, I just might suspend hostiles between myself and Frodo and Zulu! But Frodo is on real thin ice at the moment!



Nap Time Interrupted

AMARULA: Ah! Friday afternoon….I am looking forward to a nice long nap beside my beloved new scratcher…

AMARULA: And just like that another nap is ruined…

PS We just read that our French feline friend RouXy (beloved pal of Frimousse) is very ill. Please visit his website (link here) and send your positive thoughts. He is actually the neighbor’s cat but every day Frimousse’s owner goes over and brings him to their house so that RouXy can spend his time with his best friend Frimousse!


Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 38: January 27, 2017

  1. I have seen CATS (obviously)_ on Broadway. In fact, I was the inspiration!
  2. My Chinese zodiac sign is I am not sure when I was born (and a lady never tells her age) but I am certain I am not the year of the DOG! Imagine having a year of the dog but no CAT!!
  3. Celebrities I don’t know much about human celebrities because I am unable to watch TV as the human refuses to let me be in charge of the remote!
  4. A good day is when I see very little of Tweedledee and Tweedledum (aka Frodo and Zulu)!







Staring Contest Showdown: And the Winner is….

AMARULA: That tunnel is mine Zulu! Back off!

ZULU: No way! It’s all mine! You got to have it all week!

AMARULA: Alright! The staring contest is on! To the death….


And a surprise entry wins….

FRODO: I sneaked in while they weren’t looking! Hee hee!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 36: January 13, 2017

  1. My guiding word for 2017 is Mice. I must eat more and I must catch more. I must terrorize the human with more mice strewn about the house. Yep. Mice. It’s my guiding word of the year.
  2. _?????_________ class reunion.   I don’t understand. Class “REUNION” implies that at one point I misplaced my class. I have not. I have always been the cool, classy cat you see before you. My class and I are always one — there is no reason for us to be reunified!
  3. Truth be told I am superstitious about rabbit’s feet. I hear they bring you luck. That’s why I keep chasing that rabbit who shows up periodically in the back yard but so far my efforts have been futile. Maybe his own rabbit’s foot is actually lucky after all –but for him and not me!
  4. Lately, I have been CLASSY! Oh Yeah! See #2 above!



A Box: The Best Christmas Present of All! (AND Zulu and Frodo Finally Get Their Say!)

You may remember that a little while ago the cats were playing musical boxes but there was a bit too much pushing and shoving and it looked like we needed a third box! Well, not only did aunt Sarah get the cats that cool Christmas sweater, she also got them…

…you guessed it…an empty Amazon box and the cats love it!

Naturally Amarula claimed the biggest box

But Frodo thought there was room enough in Amarula’s box for the both of them…he does so love to cuddle!

Naturally, Amarula disagreed…

and a reshuffling ensued…

Until Amarula reclaimed her rightful spot and everyone is happy with their own box! Thanks aunt Sarah!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 34: December 30, 2016

  1. The highlight of my Christmas was _You just saw it!! Me getting my own big box! (though another highlight was when the human finally removed that stupid Christmas sweater! I mean really!)
  2. My New Year’s resolution is _Resolutions?! I’m against them! Besides, in case you haven’t already noticed, I’m perfect!
  3. This year, 2016, …also had a winter! Just like 2015, 2014 and so on…Surely even in Canada there are some years without a winter…right? It’s almost like it’s cyclical and comes around every nine months or so. But that can’t be right….that would be crazy!
  4. Next year, 2017, …I plan to see if I can renounce Canadian citizenship and move back to South Africa where there is no snow. NO SNOW! I wonder where that pesky human put my passport…

HOLD THE PRESSES! In an unexpected twist Amarula was moved by the holiday spirit to allow Frodo and Zulu to both have a turn at answering the Fill Ins!

Here are ZULU’S:

ZULU: Yeah!! I finally get to answer! Here I go…

  1. The highlight of my Christmas was _getting that amazing Christmas sweater! Boy, did you see how it just totally set off my chocolate brown gorgeousness?
  2. My New Year’s resolution is…ah resolutions…what was it the great philosopher Nietzsche said about New Year resolutions: Sum, ergo cogito: cogito, ergo sum and by that he meant…


AMARULA: Shut up Zulu! Nobody cares about your philosophical meanderings. Move on or I will retract my offer to let you answer the Fill ins!! We don’t have all day here!


ZULU: Well I never…oh well…on to number 3…


  1. This year, 2016, I was finally able to fulfill my goal to double my grooming schedule from only 5 times a day to 10. I owe it to the ladies to look my best!
  2. Next year, 2017, …I plan to see if I help Amarula find her passport! South Africa awaits Amarula! Hee hee!


Here are FRODO’S:

FRODO: Really!? I really get to answer the Fill Ins. Boy, my big sis Amarula is the most generous and kind kitty in the whole world! Here it goes…

  1. The highlight of my Christmas was spending time with Zulu and Amarula. Especially when we all got our own boxes! I sure hope Mom gets her own box so she can join us!
  2. My New Year’s resolution is…to stop taking my toys with me to the litter box cause it seems to upset Mom. It makes the toys messy but I just worry that they will get lonely without me!
  3. This year, 2016, was wonderful! I met that lovely neighbor cat Play-Doh who loves coming to visit me in the backyard.
  4. Next year, 2017, …I promise to try to find more mice in the basement and bring them up for Mom to see. I know she loved when I did that last time cause she just screamed and screamed with joy.