Mancat Monday: The Best Chair In the House

ZULU: I love this rocking chair! I know most felines have a fav chair and while Frodo tends to favor the Lazy Boy and Amarula likes the futon, I love this old-school rocking chair! Sometimes I will even lean back to make it actually rock back and forth (though it only moves a little as mom put something under it so it would not ever roll over one of our tails–she is so smart, that mom of mine!)

ZULU: I get so excited when I get it all to myself that I just love to rub all over it to mark it with my scent!

ZULU: Unfortunately, it can be a little….

ZULU: Slippery…..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

ZULU: …but I still love it!

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Caturday Art: The Kiss!

As you may recall, we have photographic evidence that Amarula (ostensibly driven mad by snow and too much mulled wine, according to her) kissed Frodo (or maybe it was just the magic of the Amazon boxes?!).

Original photo of The Kiss

Anyway, I thought it was such a significant moment so I’ve put together (much to Amarula’s chagrin and Frodo’s joy) a few colorful designs to try to capture the magic and vibrancy of the moment! Hope you like!

Dreamscope Secret Garden

Dreamscope Artefact

And finally–my fav–Dreamscope Petals

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Staring Contest Showdown: And the Winner is….

AMARULA: That tunnel is mine Zulu! Back off!

ZULU: No way! It’s all mine! You got to have it all week!

AMARULA: Alright! The staring contest is on! To the death….


And a surprise entry wins….

FRODO: I sneaked in while they weren’t looking! Hee hee!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 36: January 13, 2017

  1. My guiding word for 2017 is Mice. I must eat more and I must catch more. I must terrorize the human with more mice strewn about the house. Yep. Mice. It’s my guiding word of the year.
  2. _?????_________ class reunion.   I don’t understand. Class “REUNION” implies that at one point I misplaced my class. I have not. I have always been the cool, classy cat you see before you. My class and I are always one — there is no reason for us to be reunified!
  3. Truth be told I am superstitious about rabbit’s feet. I hear they bring you luck. That’s why I keep chasing that rabbit who shows up periodically in the back yard but so far my efforts have been futile. Maybe his own rabbit’s foot is actually lucky after all –but for him and not me!
  4. Lately, I have been CLASSY! Oh Yeah! See #2 above!



Monday Madness: Amarula Has Cabin Fever!

FRODO: Oh what a wondrous, magical day! You are not going to believe this…I barely believe it myself…but Amarula kissed me! I know, I know…you are incredulous…but I have photographic evidence!

FRODO: I was sitting in my box dreaming about chicken again when suddenly…

FRODO: …Amarula decided to join me! I was so happy cause I love spending quality time with my big sis even though she tends to really enjoy playing “swat Frodo with my paw” a little too much (but don’t tell her I said that please I don’t want to hurt her feelings!). Suddenly she got this strange look in her eyes…

AMARULA: I feel very strange…I think not going outside is making me stir crazy…or maybe it’s just gas…

FRODO: Suddenly she moved real close to me

AMARULA: What’s happening…what am I doing…?

FRODO: Then blam! She kissed me! It’s hard to see but I still have the wet spot on my forehead to prove it!

FRODO: She seemed a little embarrassed so I quickly looked away so she would think I didn’t notice

AMARULA: Oh my God! What have I done? The snow is going to my head! Maybe if I look away he’ll think he imagined the whole thing!

FRODO: You saw that right?! Yeah! My big sis loves me!

AMARULA:  This is all WINTER’S fault! I gotta lay off the mulled wine!

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