Sherlock Hopeless Pet Detective: Part 2 Sidewalk Showdown!


AMARULA  (aka Sherlock Hopless Pet Detective): Well, I did it! Phffffft to all you naysayers! I told you I would track down that sneaky feline who has been coming into MY backyard to hang with Frodo and I did it! While my extensive investigative search a few weeks ago proved fruitless, (I simply could not concentrate because I always felt like I was being followed!) this week was much more successful!


AMARULA: I was doing my regular neighborhood-watch patrol of my sidewalks, minding my own business….


AMARULA: When Blam! She jumped out of a pile of leaves!


AMARULA: I relied on my lighting-like reflexes and used some of that fancy footwork us torties are known for to avoid the fluffy ball of danger! Yet she persisted in following me! Did the idiot not realize that I intended to introduce her to my “Paws of Death” to persuade her to stay away from my backyard!? Clearly all that fluff has gone her head!


AMARULA: Well, I hated to do it, but clearly this was going to call for some serious feline ferociousness! It was time for the dreaded Sidewalk Showdown!


AMARULA: The goal is to protect your side of the sidewalk until one feline gives way and admits the other’s superiority. It ain’t pretty folks and can get quite fierce! You may want to hide your children and look away…


AMARULA: Dear readers, you may want to get comfy… this could take awhile…to be continued…


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Frodo’s Sad Selfie Sunday


Frodo, who is pretty much one of the happiest cats in the world all of the time, is feeling blue this Sunday. He’s finding it hard to get out of bed as he’s overwhelmed with the sad news about Fiona going to the Rainbow Bridge. And the loss of Sammy, Treasure and Easy is just making everything too much for the little guy. He’ll open his eyes again in a few hours and see if he is ready to greet the day.

This is my Selfie Sunday for the blog hop (hosted by The Cat on My Head)


Zulu’s Lessons In SunPuddle Bathing


ZULU: With the weather taking a sad turn towards the lower end of the temperature gauge, you can be sure that means us felines will be spending more time indoors and less time on supervised outdoor visits! Therefore, it’s absolutely vital to take full advantage of indoor sunpuddles. While Amarula would tell you otherwise (and Frodo, who is so easily manipulated by that devious diva, would likely agree!) it’s actually I, Zulu, who is the brains (and the beauty, come to think of it!) of this operation! So I will take it upon myself to educate all my fur-bearing brothers and sisters about the proper techniques of sunpuddle bathing!


ZULU: First you do your back. This is the most obvious position and the one most of my feline brethren tend to rely on the most.


ZULU: Now this is where things can get more complicated. You gotta then tilt ever so slightly to your right to do your right side.


ZULU: Now you ever so elegantly move so that your left side is now exposed to the sunpuddle. Some concentration will be required to properly execute this position.


ZULU: Now, the final position. This is one many felines forget. The tummy must also be allowed to enjoy the warmth of the sunpuddle. A warm belly can go very far in aiding digestion and help eliminate issues with an upset stomach and gas (I’m talking to you Amarula!). This position is an advanced maneuver and requires dexterity but just be sure to engage your stomach muscles!

ZULU: Now let’s move on to the proper way to groom…

AMARULA: Shut up Zulu! How dare you suggest I have gas! Nobody cares about your stupid lessons on anything! Now be quiet so I can do my Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 30: December 2, 2016

  1. I have a hard time finding a gift for ….wait a minute…I’m gonna need somebody to explain what this sentence means…it seems to suggest that I would actually buy someone else a gift?? It makes no sense…I am a RECEIVER of gifts…definitely not a GIVER!


  1. I have no problem finding a gift for …Geesh! Again with the gift giving! Please refer to my response to number 1! Repeating myself makes me want to scratch someone…..


  1. One of the best gifts I ever gave was….OK For the last time!…Please refer to responses 1 and 2 above! Gosh! What is it with these humans and gift GIVING!?


  1. One of the best gifts I ever received was…OK! Finally! Now we’re speaking my language! Gift RECEIVING!! Well, it is hard to narrow it down to ONE gift as my minions do love to shower me with presents in hopes that I will allow them to bask in my presence. I would have to say it was the day the human (who usually shows a distinct lack of serious concern for my myriad needs) took both Zulu and Frodo to the vet at the same time for their annual visit. I was able to enjoy a precious few hours on my own. It was divine! The best gift the human could give me!


AMARULA: On a more serious note, though Frodo, Zulu and I did not know Sammy or Easy well, we wanted to say our thoughts are with your humans as you both head to the Rainbow bridge. And if I could invite Sammy to fly with me anywhere it would be to my backyard, which I think is the best place in the whole world! I’ve left a spot right beside me for you to come join me whenever you want!


If I close my eyes just a little and squint really hard, I think I can see Sammy and Easy head together towards the bridge!



On a more serious note. Though we did not know



Caturday Art: Napping Kitties and The Versatile Blogger Award


Everyone seemed to love the photo of Amarula and her “prey” napping on the sidewalk together so much that it deserved to be art! This Caturday Art is in an oil-painting style — it makes the two sworn enemies almost look like friends! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop (see below)

The Versatile Blogger Award

We also wanted to send a big thank you to our friends Kali and Shoko from the Canadian Cats blog for nominating us for The Versatile Blogger Award– Here are the rules:

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award.
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Well as to choosing ONLY 15, most of the ones Zulu, Frodo and Amarula picked were already nominated! But we did want to send a very big shout out to 15 and Meowing and The Tabbies of Trout Towne. They were the first two cat blogs to ever follow Hairballs and Hissyfits and make comments! They will always have a special place in all of our hearts…We can’t even begin to tell them how much their supports means to us!

And here are seven things about us that you may not know:

  1. Amarula was a stray cat in South Africa and her human brought her back with her when she returned to Canada.
  2. Amarula was once actually friends with a basset hound and a lovely ginger cat who belonged to her human when Amarula first came into her life (they have since gone to the Rainbow Bridge).
  3. Zulu had a beloved brother named Biltong that mom misses very very much, as does Zulu. Biltong died of kidney disease before he turned three. You can read about him here.
  4. Frodo was not always allowed outside on supervised outdoor treks.
  5. Amarula had to be taught to use a litter box.
  6. Frodo loves babies.
  7. Zulu once challenged Amarula to a fight!

Thanks again to Kali and Shoko and all our new friends in the cat blogoshpere!


A Feline’s Guide On How to Deal With Black Friday Madness

There are lots of better ways to spend Black Friday than shopping! Here are just some ways to avoid the madness:


Option 1: Bury yourself in your work (or your desk drawer)


Option 2: Just hide away until it’s all over


Option 3: Take too much catnip and then spend some time with your favorite toy


Option 4: Hide in your Sour Puss box and pout


Option 5: The best option of all! Curl up with a friend in a sunpuddle!

AMARULA: Hope all our American friends had a good Thanksgiving. Here are my Here are my Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

1. Yesterday, was terrible! All that wonderful turkey fragrance was floating up here to Canada from our neighbors in the USA! It was torture! All I got was a Temptations turkey treat!

2. My idea of regifting is when I secretly throw up the pills mom gives me into her coffee!

3. My favourite holiday leftover is… LEFTOVERS! I’m against them. Leftovers are for humans! I lick everything while no one’s looking that way I always get it first!

4. The best part of a long, holiday weekend is when I indulge by extending my daily nap time from a mere 18.5 hours to 22 hours!