Frodo Gets Animated for National Cat Day!


FRODO: Oh Heavens! Oh My! I can’t believe it! Not only is it National Cat Day today but it’s also Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop! I’m showing you my cartoonist side (get it??) cause Mom says I’m such a funny character! I just can’t believe cats get their own national cat day!? Do we get prizes? Will there be extra tuna…surely we get extra tuna?!! What time is the awards ceremony?! What will I wear!?

AMARULA: Actually Frodo, sadly, National Cat Day is only celebrated in the USA and as we are Canadian cats we don’t celebrate it…

FRODO: What?? So no extra tuna….no red carpet….

AMARULA: NO sorry…in fact…today in Canada it’s Seafood-free Saturday! So not only will there not be any extra tuna …there won’t be any tuna at all!!

FRODO: Noooooooooooooooooo!

ZULU: Why do you listen to Amarula!!?? Haven’t you learned by now not to trust her! Canada celebrates National Cat Day too!! And I know mom has some extra tuna treats planned for today!

FRODO: Yipee!! Why are you looking so artsy too Zulu?!


ZULU: Cause mom said in honor of National Cat Day we all get to go artsy!!


AMARULA: All right, all right, in the spirit of National Cat Day, I too will show off my artsy side!

ZULU, FRODO and AMARULA: Happy National Cat Day everyone! Join the blog hop!



It’s Caturday and Zulu Shows-off his Artsy Side!



ZULU: I can’t believe how much attention Amarula got last Saturday for her artsy look! It’s a well-known fact that I’m the best looking in the family! I mean come on let’s be honest…With her weird coloring, Amarula just looks like Halloween threw up all over her!!

Today for Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop! I’m showing you my animated (get it??) side! I love Caturday (as long as I am the center of attention)!

And all of us cats want to send out another thank you to Nellie for our great artistic pumpkin! It’s the only thing us three cats have ever agreed on!

Get your pumpkin here!